In particular, safety is given the highest priority over all other aspects of our network management.

Meeting the needs of our customers

Our electricity distribution network is made up of many complex components designed to work together to safely deliver quality and reliable electricity to your home, business and the community.

Given this inherent complexity, a range of plans have been developed to address our operating environment and to meet the needs of our customers.

Our approach to electricity network performance and asset management plans can be downloaded from the link below.

Customer service standards for reliability

Our customer service standards for reliability state that we will compensate eligible customers who experience too many power outages in one year, or if their supply is interrupted for too long.

Eligibility criteria apply meaning that power outages that are part of normal network operations or are beyond our reasonable control are not eligible for compensation.

This includes planned interruptions that you have been notified about in advance, severe storms, natural disasters, vehicle accidents, vandalism or interruptions to the supply of energy to our network from interruptions to the transmission network or shortfalls in generation capacity.

You can download the full standards from the link below: