Installing an EV charging station

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Installation at your home or business

If you’re thinking about buying an electric vehicle (EV), it’s worth considering installing a dedicated EV charger at your home or business.

Like all appliances on a dedicated circuit, an EV charger will be required to be installed by a licensed electrician. In some instances, our approval is required where you need to upgrade supply to your property as outlined below.

Approval not required ❌Approval required ✅
Installation of dedicated EV charger does not require upgraded connection.Installation of dedicated EV charger requires a new or upgraded connection.

If you are looking to make a new or upgraded connection, please see our connections portal for more information.

Installation of public EV charging stations

The information below is relevant for charge point operators looking to connect public EV charging stations.

Finding locations for installing public EV charging stations

The following tools will assist you in finding suitable locations for public EV charging infrastructure:

  • NSW EV charging map: A NSW Government map of all public EV charging stations in NSW.
  • Energy Network Capacity Map: We will be  trialling an interactive network capacity map to give public EV charging station providers necessary information on capacity of our low voltage network. Stay tuned for further developments coming soon.

Connections requiring an Accredited Service Provider (ASP)

Where you require a new or upgraded connection to the network, you will need to engage an ASP to connect your EV charging station.

Depending on the size of your proposed EV charging station, you will need:

  • Level 1 & 3 ASPs (Construction & Design): needed if network upgrade is required to provide the proposed load.
  • Level 2 ASP (Service): needed if the network has enough capacity to supply your chosen location.

Learn more about ASPs on the  NSW Government ASP Information Page.

For further information on connections visit our connect online portal.