Property owners with private powerlines also have a role to play. Please remember to always stay at least eight metres away from any fallen or damaged powerlines and report them by calling 131 003.

Assistance for customers affected by bushfires

We want to make life easier for customers affected by the 2019-20 bushfires. Please call us on 131 003 and ask for help from our bushfire team. Our assistance package includes:

  • waiving reconnection fees for residents and small businesses whose property was destroyed
  • free electrical inspections of fire damaged property, available by calling 131 003
  • tailored advice on how to reconnect where the customer’s electrical services were damaged.

View our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers here.

What we do to assist during bushfires

Planned maintenance is cancelled where temperatures are forecast to be 40°C or more, if there is catastrophic or extreme bushfire conditions or there is an active bushfire where customers need electricity to pump water.

Please be prepared for longer periods without power after unplanned outages as some automated protection devices are disabled during Total Fire Bans and additional safety checks are performed after unplanned outages to keep the community safe.

If you live in an area affected by bushfires:

  • stay at least eight metres from fallen poles and powerlines
  • report the incident immediately by calling 131 003
  • call 000 if you see a life-threatening emergency.

Reporting damage to the electricity network

Damaged powerlines can be deadly. For your own safety, if you see damaged powerlines:

  • stay at least 8 metres away
  • report them to us immediately by calling 131 003
  • keep other people at least 8 metres away until emergency response crews arrive.

Call us immediately on 131 003 if you see:

  • fallen or sparking powerlines
  • leaning or fallen poles
  • exposed underground cables
  • damaged substation kiosks or pillars (in underground areas).

Loss of power supply

If you lose power supply to your home or business:

  • complete the online form or call us on 131 003 to report a problem with your power supply to your home or business
  • check the current outages map for the latest information about power supply in your area, including estimated restoration times.

As outlined above, be prepared for longer periods without power if problems do occur.

Electric shocks

The human body conducts electricity if people are in contact with the power source. If someone receives an electric shock:

  • do not rush in
  • switch off the power source if it is safe to do so
  • get help immediately by calling 000.

For more information on what to do in an electrical emergency see here.