Private assets

Privately owned poles and equipment

Endeavour Energy is responsible for the installation, operation, and maintenance of power poles, powerlines, and other electrical elements needed to safely deliver electricity.

We handle the network up to the connection point on your premises. Beyond this, any power poles, powerlines, and other electrical assets belong to you, and their maintenance is your responsibility, much like the wiring inside your home.

Identifying the connection point

The connection point is where Endeavour Energy’s network joins with your network. The following diagram provides a simple overview of where the connection is typically located. Within rural areas the connection point is located on the first private pole within your property.

Private Pole connection point diagram

Private assets explained

Private assets or private poles include all components of a private network, including the power pole, overhead powerlines or underground wires, crossarms, and any other related equipment or fittings.

Identifying private poles

Private Pole ImagePrivate pole image

Understanding your responsibilities

It's your responsibility to maintain all privately owned assets to ensure quality of supply and safety. We recommend self-initiated inspections yearly, and/or before bushfire seasons, following major storms, or if damage is suspected.

This includes hiring a licensed electrician for routine check-ups, maintenance, and immediate repairs of electrical equipment, such as power poles, wires, pole-top fittings, and property sub-mains powering pumps or sheds. You should also consider contracting a professional tree trimmer to keep safe distances between trees and power poles or powerlines.

Checking for hazards around private assets

Qualified contractors should routinely inspect and maintain private poles and overhead powerlines. If you observe any common defects, you should arrange for repairs or tree trimming immediately.

Regularly check for and rectify the following common hazards:

1. Trees near powerlines: Vegetation within the minimum safe clearance can touch live powerlines, disrupting supply or causing a fire.

2. Clashing powerlines: Powerlines clashing during strong winds can spark, create molten fragments, and potentially start bushfires.

3. Slack wires: Low-hanging powerlines or wires can clash and ignite bushfires. These low wires might also violate minimum height safety standards.

4. Rotting poles: Poles should be checked above and beneath the ground for decay. Deterioration or rusting below ground may cause poles to tilt or collapse. Split or damaged poles can break in stormy weather or over time.

Private asset defect notices

We undertake regular inspections of our poles and wires to ensure service and safety. These inspections also include private assets such as poles & service mains.

Private assets that are found to be unsafe will be issued a “Report of Inspection - Customer Defect” that explains what the defect is and what is required to rectify the defect. A defect could include a rusting or rotting private pole or damage, vegetation that encroaches on service mains or damage to overhead consumers mains, etc.

If a defect is discovered, we will send you a notice outlining the necessary repair work and the timeframe in which it should be completed. If an unsafe situation is detected and not rectified promptly, Endeavour Energy has the authority to disconnect part or all of the installation. We also reserve the right to rectify defects within Bushfire Prone area and recoup costs if rectification work is delayed.

We recognise that there are customers within our communities unprepared for the unexpected cost that comes with urgent repair works that are required to maintain the safety of your property and our network. While customers are obligated to comply with defect notices, we may be able to help rectify these defects through an affordable interest-free repayment plan.

Further information on Asset Assistance Loans

Endeavour Energy accessing your property

Under the Electricity Supply Act 1995 and Electricity Supply (Safety and Network Management) Regulation 2014, Endeavour Energy's asset inspectors are permitted to access your property to conduct regular ground-based patrols of your privately-owned power poles and overhead powerlines. We will make every effort to contact you before accessing your property to notify you  when we’ll be onsite or coordinate a suitable time.

Safety advice

While we construct our network to withstand strong winds and storms, for different reasons powerlines can come down. If you see powerlines down, please stay at least eight metres clear of them and anything they’re touching. You should warn others to do the same and contact us immediately on 131 003. Never assume powerlines are ‘dead’ or de-energised as they can be remotely switched on or “re-energise” in an instant.