Electric Vehicles

We’re working towards a smarter, more flexible and integrated modern grid.​ Electric vehicles (EVs) will play a pivotal role in achieving this by helping to

  • decarbonise our transport system
  • provide benefits to the grid
  • keep downward pressure on electricity prices for all customers
  • reduce the total cost of EV ownership.

That's why we are supporting the uptake of EVs by: ​

  • supporting customers in their transition to an EV
  • facilitating and streamlining the installation of EV charging infrastructure​
  • enabling key technologies like flexible connections
  • implementing appropriate incentive structures.

Customer EV hub

To assist our customers, we launched this EV hub. Please see below for essential information on

  • connecting an EV charging station to our network
  • innovative trials and projects we're undertake to assist with the uptake of EVs
  • helpful resources to decide whether an electric vehicle is right for you​.  ​

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