However, we are well prepared if these events should occur, with a comprehensive plan in place to guide how we respond and manage, until all services and repaired and restored.

What should you do?

Your safety should be your highest priority. If you spot any fallen or exposed wires, stay at least eight metres away from these lines and call us on 131 003.

If you have any powered security features on your property, these may not function in the event of a power outage. Ensure that any doors securing your property and yard are secure.

For sensitive electronics such as TV, radio, hairdryers, stereo system, computers, modems, faxes, Wi-Fi routers etc, unplugging these items from the power point to prevent damage in the event of a power surge.

Do not be tempted to bring or operate any gas, wood-fired or charcoal BBQs or heaters inside the house. These devices produce a toxic gas that can kill, even in very small amounts.

Monitor SES & local media

During natural disasters, the situation can change very quickly. You should be regularly monitoring your local media for critical updated, as well as regularly checking for the latest information from the NSW State Emergency Service (SES) website.

You can also call the Endeavour Energy emergency hotline on 131 003.

Be prepared

There are some key steps you and your family can take before disaster strikes to help you navigate incidents more safely and securely. Check out our guide to what to do when you’re without power as well as our resources on:

  • Bushfire safety
  • Flood safety
  • Storm safety