Community art

Our batteries and associated infrastructure  can provide a canvas for public art. These artworks provide a connection to the local community and create an opportunity for the community to further understand and appreciate local culture.

Family Values by Karen Maber, Bungarribee Community Battery

Bungarribee Battery Image

Family Values explores the concept Caring for Country is the responsibility of everyone. We pass this knowledge to our children through our stories.

Karen’s artwork explores the relationships between people, place, emotions and spirituality. Her passion for art and the creative process is to celebrate her unique and proud connections to her culture and encourage personal and collective journeys of healing.

Turtle Dreaming by Daren Dunn, Shell Cove Community Battery

Shell Cove Battery

Of his artwork Daren said:

“There are many different Sea Turtles around our country and the Stingray has its own significance, strength and story. I was given this totem to paint by one of my Elders. He taught me to learn from the life cycles and behaviours of these beautiful creatures and would highlight the many powerful lessons that they have to share. The Turtles and Stingrays painted here have been used to symbolise courage, determination, strength, peace and harmony as we travel and press through life’s journey. I am proud to share and pass on this knowledge”