Resilience Strategy

Resilience Strategy

We are pleased to share our Resilience Strategy.

The strategy brings together customer feedback and independent climate modelling to take a targeted approach designed to make a real difference to our most vulnerable communities.

It will also help us to anticipate, withstand, recover and learn from major weather events.

Resilience initiatives identified in the strategy include:

  • Replacing timber poles and bare conductors (that can spark, starting fires) with covered conductors in our most bushfire prone areas.
  • Raising powerlines in flood-prone areas of the Hawkesbury Nepean catchments.
  • Providing back-up power to critical infrastructure at community hubs in times of emergency.

Read here about our Resilience Strategy or see our Resilience Strategy on a page.

The Strategy will be updated as we learn, adapting our targeted initiatives to respond to learnings and emerging threats to the reliability of our customers’ service.