When a flood warning is issued

  • Remove or relocate all portable appliances and electrical pump motors to an area well above estimated flood height.
  • Check that you have a reliable torch or lantern handy and know the location of your meter box and main switch.
  • Switch off electricity to non-essential circuits before they are submerged in rising flood-waters.

In the event of evacuation

Switch off all your appliances and the electricity supply at the mains, or by removing switch fuses at the main switchboard or meter box. This should be done even if Endeavour Energy has already advised that power has been cut off in your area.

Movement through flooded areas

Treat all powerlines as 'alive' and dangerous, by keeping clear of them.

Avoid contact with wires that are hanging low or on the ground, dangling in flood-waters or tangled in trees.

Do not drive across fallen powerlines.

If powerlines have fallen across, or become entangled in your vehicle, unless in immediate danger, remain inside your vehicle and call for help.

If in immediate danger (the wires are 'crackling' or moving), open your door and jump well clear. Keep your hands off the vehicle and your feet together, then continue jumping with your feet together until at least 10 metres away from the vehicle and the conductor.

When travelling by boat through flood-waters, keep a good distance from powerlines and poles.

If your boat is wooden or fibreglass, do not touch the water or metallic parts of the motor when near wires or poles.

After the flood

When you return to your home or workplace after a flood, do not use any electrical appliances which were flooded, and don't handle any wet electrical equipment.

Do not try to replace circuit fuses, or switch power on to wiring or equipment which has been flooded, until the electrical installation is thoroughly dry and has been checked by a licensed electrical contractor.

For your safety, Endeavour Energy will inspect your main switchboard and meters, if they were flooded, before power is restored.

For more electricity safety tips after flooding visit www.ses.nsw.gov.au/electricity-safety-tips/.