Examples of Special Small Services

Examples include bus shelters, public toilets, public telephones, communications equipment and locality signs.

SSS must be installed in accordance with the requirements detailed in the Service and Installation Rules of NSW.

Special Small Service metering

Metered special small services are typically used where the load cannot be accurately assessed or is larger than 5 amps single phase. The applicant must first establish an electricity account and a National Meter Identifier (NMI) from an electricity retailer of their choice.

For unmetered supplies, the load and duty cycle must be known.

Unmetered market SSS are defined by the national Metrology Procedure as Type 7 SSS. Type 7 SSS are usually used for traffic signal installations and require loads to be registered and approved by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). The applicant must obtain a NMI from the owner of the installation as special arrangements will have been agreed upon by the customer with their electricity retailer to aggregate multiple installations.

There are cases where non-market unmetered SSS may be proposed by the local host retailer for connection. The majority of SSS are non-market unmetered special small services.

In these cases, the applicant must contact Origin Energy (the local host retailer for our supply area) to initiate a non-market unmetered SSS. If that service is approved, Origin Energy will issue you with an Unmetered SSS Identifier (USI).

You can call Origin Energy on 1300 132 480, or email them at newconnections@originenergy.com.au.

Where the connection of a SSS has been approved, a Model Standing Offer for a Standard Connection Service for Customers will be offered. Connection of SSS are undertaken by accredited service providers and the processes that apply are generally the same as load connections.

Need to know more?

If you have any questions regarding SSS, please complete a general enquiry, email us at cicadmin@endeavourenergy.com.au, or speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives on 133 718.