Land interest for contestable works

Our land interests, right of access and standards

A Customer may carry out Network Connection Works under one of the Endeavour Energy Model Standing Offers for a Standard Connection Service.

Under the relevant Model Standing Offer the Customer must, as and when required by Endeavour Energy, grant Land Interests which in the opinion of Endeavour Energy are required in respect of the land or premises of any other person, where any part of the Distribution System is or will be located.

The process of establishing appropriate Land Interests will change on 2 August 2021. Under the new arrangements customers that can locate our Network Assets adjacent to the road boundary where we can readily access them as defined in the Land Interest Guidelines will in most cases not be required to register easements. Under this arrangement Land Interest in the form of Site-Specific Conditions under the Model Standing Offer will be relied on.

All works associated with subdivisions, transmission projects and less accessible assets will continue to require registered Land Interests.

Land interest requirements are outlined in our Connections Policy with additional technical requirements on the establishment of Site-Specific Conditions and easements available to Accredited Service Providers in our standards.

For an overview of our standards, please refer to our Land Interest Guidelines requirements:

Land Interest Guidelines for Contestable Works