Land interest for contestable works

Land interests for new network assets

Under the relevant Model Standing Offer, land interests must be provided where any part of the distribution system is or will be located on land that is not a dedicated public road.

Depending on the type of development and the location of electricity assets being installed, there are different pathways to providing land interests for contestable works.

All land interest requirements are outlined in our Land Interest Guidelines for Network Connection Works.

Registered land interests when subdividing land

Land interests must be shown in the plan of subdivision and approved by Endeavour Energy prior to the issue of the Notification of Arrangement letter. The land interests are created by registration of the plan of subdivision at NSW Land Registry Services (LRS).

Registered land interests when not subdividing land

Land interests are created by registration of the approved Endeavour Energy easement document at LRS. The land interests are completed when the easement image from LRS showing easement registration details has been submitted to Endeavour Energy.

Completion of land interests is required at least 3 weeks prior to the energisation outage for the associated network assets.

Where land interests have not been completed 3 weeks prior to the energisation outage, the planned outage will be cancelled and rescheduled. Please note this rescheduling may incur additional fees.

Easement creation process steps

The steps below detail a typical process that a developer or landowner would follow to register land interests. The example outlined below is for developments that do not involve subdividing land.

During the design phase

Step 1 - You engage a registered surveyor to prepare a draft plan of survey or A4 annexure plan for submission with the design certification package.

Step 2 - You arrange for a corresponding LRS instrument of terms to be prepared. Eg: Section 88B instrument or Real Property Act dealing form such as 01TG Transfer Granting Easement or 13RPA Restriction on the Use of Land by a Prescribed Authority.

During construction

Step 3 – Once you have obtained a certified design from your Accredited Service Provider, you arrange for your registered surveyor to peg the site in readiness for construction of the network assets.

Step 4 - When the network assets are constructed, you arrange for completion of the survey, offset diagram and instrument or RPA form.

Step 5 - You email an executable copy of the following easement documents to Endeavour Energy Property Services for approval at

  1. offset diagram; and
  2. plan of survey, plan administration sheet, and Section 88B instrument or RPA form with A4 annexure plan

Step 6 - When approved by Endeavour Energy, Endeavour Energy will electronically sign the Section 88B instrument or RPA form and return the “original” as a digitally signed PDF file.

Step 7 - You arrange for all easement documents to be signed by the owner. If there is a mortgage, lease or caveat affecting the land, you obtain the relevant written consent to registration of the easement documents.

Step 8 - After all signatures and consents have been obtained, you arrange for lodgement of the easement documents at NSW Land Registry Services (LRS).

3 weeks prior to energising assets

Step 9 - Following registration by LRS, you email the LRS registered image of all easement documents to Endeavour Energy Property Services.

Step 10 - Endeavour Energy Property Services will confirm to you and Contestable Network Solutions that your outage may proceed.

Site specific conditions when not subdividing land

Unregistered land interests in the form of Site Specific Conditions, may be appropriate for certain types of distribution network assets, where the connection assets are positioned on the public road frontage within the land parcel being supplied and with direct access from the public road.

Under this arrangement, an unregistered land interest in the form of Site Specific Conditions must be accepted by the customer prior to design drawing certification.

More Information

For more details, please refer to our Land Interest Guidelines:

Land Interest Guidelines for Network Connection Works