Background information

Generally, customers wishing to connect a typical low voltage load up to 100 amps single phase or  63 amps three phase in an existing urban area will be offered to connect under a LV basic connection service even though we may need to carry out minimal extensions or augmentation works to the network in order to facilitate the connection.

Many other types of low voltage connections - such as loads in non-urban locations or loads above 100 amps single phase or 63 amps three phase - may also be offered a LV basic connection service if it is assessed that the connection can be supported by the network without the need to extend or augment the network.

In cases where the non-urban or larger low voltage loads are assessed as needing augmentation or extension works to the network the offer will be in the form of a standard connection service.

When considering applications, Endeavour Energy will determine which areas are urban and rural based on the criteria specified within the definition of rural and urban below and the local government planning instruments.

From 3 May 2020 approval to connect new and upgraded electrical installations greater than 100 Amps are dependent on provision of main switchboard information as set out in the Service and Installation Rules of NSW (section 4).

To reduce handling time, applicants are required to submit the Compliance Statement for Main Switchboards Greater than 100 Amps completed by the switchboard manufacturer along with any supporting documentation relevant to the work to be undertaken. Submission of the completed form and any questions relating to the compliance statement should be forwarded to

Urban, non-urban or rural?

If land is zoned urban, non-urban or rural then Endeavour Energy will apply the urban or rural classification. If, however, the land zoning is of a different nature without reference to urban or non-urban or rural (e.g., Residential 1A, 1B or residential bushland conservation), then we will determine whether an urban or non-urban classification is appropriate and principles as detailed in our Connection Policy will apply.

As a guide, lots of greater than 4,000m2 should be considered to be non-urban, unless they are specifically within a commercial or industrial development.

Rural or non-urban is that part of a network:

  • where the average demand on the high voltage feeders is less than 0.3 megavolt amperes per kilometre, or
  • that is in an area zoned as rural under a local environmental plan (under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979),
  • that is in an area that is predominantly used for agricultural purposes.

Urban network is that part of a network that is not a rural network:

  • if the zoning as shown on your rates notice or development application is residential such as (R1, R2, R3 or R4) then you are definitely classified as urban.

High voltage installations and temporary builder's supplies

Because of the additional safety and operational constraints that are associated with high voltage installations and temporary builders supplies, these connection services are offered as Standard connection service.

Multi occupant development

All strata title developments are assessed and offered either:

  • a Low Voltage Basic Connection Service if no extension or augmentation work is required
  • a Standard Connection Service where augmentation or extension of the network is required to facilitate connection of the lots being developed.

A separate retail account and National Metering Identifier (NMI) will be required for each unit in a strata development.

The local council may require developers to lodge a subdivision application, a development application and building application, depending on the scope of the development. The local council may also impose conditions of consent, which must be met before development can proceed.

Endeavour Energy may require the developer to grant Land Interests to allow maintenance and operations activities to proceed.

Please read our property tenure requirements for assets constructed as customer funded contestable works.

How to apply for this service

All connection of load or increase in load applications should be submitted to us as early as possible.

There are two application types. The one to use will depend on your situation:

1. our on-line application service for urban single connections up to 100 amps single phase or 63 amps three phase. Click here for our online application

2. for all urban loads greater than 100 amps single phase or 63 amps three phase, rural connections and upgrades, and high voltage connections:

Application form for a Connection of Load including Strata Developments

Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Please provide as much detail as possible concerning the development, proposed load and electrical installation.

If the development is significant or augmentation of our distribution system may be required, you are encouraged to engage a Level 3 Accredited Service Provider prior to submitting an application.

The completed application form may be submitted by you, the applicant, or by a Level 3 Accredited Service Provider as your representative.

Once the form has been received, we will assess the supply conditions to determine which of the following connection services will be applicable. Then we will provide a supply offer based on the information submitted.

Preliminary information regarding conditions of supply for large loads and multistage developments can be obtained prior to lodging a permanent application by submitting a Technical review request.

Low Voltage Basic Connection Service

Urban low voltage loads up to 100 amps single phase or 63 amps three phase and all other low voltage loads that are assessed by us as not requiring augmentation or extension of our network in order to connect your load may be offered connection under a model standing offer for a LV basic connection service.

An offer for a LV Basic Connection Service will generally mean that the network is capable of direct connection of a low voltage service by a Level 2 Accredited Service Provider.

An offer for basic connection services will be in the form of a Permission to Connect letter.

Standard Connection Service

Permanent low voltage or high voltage connections not defined as a Basic Connection Service may be offered connection under a model standing offer for a Standard connection service.

In cases where work to augment or extend the electricity network is required a standard offer advising you that a Level 3 ASP is required to design the works will be sent. In these cases the payment advice will include the standard offer charge to be paid if you wish to continue.

This includes all connections in non-urban areas and other low voltage loads that cannot be connected to our existing network unless network extension or augmentation works must be undertaken by the customer.

More information

You’ll find more information on connections of load in our brochures:

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If you have any questions about connecting load, please complete an enquiry form and email it to Or speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives on 133 718.