Finding an Accredited Service Provider

Only an Accredited Service Provider (ASP) can undertake contestable work within Endeavour Energy’s network. Contestable work is any work to design, construct or install assets that connect a customer’s installation to the Endeavour Energy electricity network.

An ASP is an individual or an entity accredited by the NSW Government in accordance with the Electricity Supply Act 1995 and the Electricity Supply (General) Regulation 2001. A list of ASPs is maintained by the Office of Energy and Climate Change. This list, along with its related information, is available on their website here.

In addition to company accreditation, ASP individuals must also be authorised by Endeavour Energy before they can undertake construction work on or near our network.

Understanding ASP levels

The accreditation scheme includes three levels of ASP accreditation for different types of connection services. ASPs may hold one or more levels of accreditation, appropriate to the service they provide.

A brief explanation about the levels within the ASP scheme is provided below:

Level 1 - Extending or upgrading the electricity network

You will need to engage the services of a Level 1 ASP for any construction on the electricity network that is required to meet your connection needs. This type of construction work can only take place after a design for the associated works has been developed by a Level 3 ASP and certified by us (Endeavour Energy).

Level 2 - Connecting the service mains from the street to your property

A Level 2 ASP is required for service work involving the construction of service lines between the electricity network in the street and the point of connection to your property and for energising new or altered connections.

Level 3 - Designing electricity network extensions or upgrades

Before you engage a Level 1 ASP for any construction work (including upgrades or extensions) on the electricity network, you will need a design project to be undertaken by a Level 3 ASP. The Level 3 design must be certified by us (Endeavour Energy) before construction can commence.

How to choose the right ASP for your project

In order to have a more seamless connection experience, it is important that you select an ASP that has the right experience and capabilities for your project.

Before selecting an ASP, we recommend that you seek evidence of their experience within the Endeavour Energy network area and sight examples of work they have previously undertaken that is similar in scope or scale to the project you are undertaking.

Additional considerations for more complex transmission projects

Projects that involve design and construction at transmission voltages (above 33,000 volts) have additional technical complexities that you must also consider when selecting an ASP.

Listed below are some criteria that may assist you in selecting the right ASP for your transmission project.

ASP Level 3 Design
  • Company is accredited with suitably qualified and experienced designers for transmission work
  • Details of similar designs undertaken in the Endeavour Energy area
  • Capability/software to undertake earthing designs for transmission assets, if required for project works
  • Capability/software to calculate cable derating for non-standard methods of installation
  • Capability/software to calculate cable pulling tensions
  • Capability to develop primary and secondary system designs for new underground feeders
  • Training in PLSCAD design software
  • Capability to design steel tower footings if required for project works
  • Have the appropriate level of insurance cover to complete the work
ASP Level 1 Construction
  • Company is accredited with suitably qualified and experienced staff for transmission work
  • Details of individual accreditation for all construction staff
  • Project structure identifying primary ASP1 and any subcontractors
  • Joint/termination training for the type of cable and joint/termination specified on the design
  • Evidence of cable jointing qualifications for nominated cable jointer/s
  • Capability to establish primary and secondary systems for new underground feeders
  • Construction program that addresses fast recall or load/temperature constraints on Network access for works
  • Have the appropriate level of insurance cover to complete the work