We have developed and monitor key performance indicators that outline the maximum allowable time for processing respective activities; as detailed below.

Application for connection service

Within five business days of receiving an enquiry from you about a connection service, we will provide the information you require to understand the processes associated with your application and the likely actions and costs associated with connecting to the network. This information can be provided in writing on request.

Processing an application

We will process a complete application for a connection service within ten business days of receipt of the application. The processing of complete applications will result in either;

  • a basic connection service offer where no augmentation or extension to the mains is required, or
  • a standard connection service offer requiring the engagement of an Accredited Service Provider to design and construct either an augmentation or extension of the network to facilitate your connection.

In both instances, the offer will include the date of the offer, details of the connection service to be provided and a statement of the connection charges payable.

For more information on our connection services, please visit our Connect Online page.

Acceptance of the connection offer

A connection offer to provide a basic or standard connection service remains open for acceptance for 45 business days from the date of the offer. If you do not accept the offer within that period, it lapses unless the period for acceptance is extended by mutual agreement.

Alternatively, you can request an expedited connection if:

  • the connection application is for a basic or standard connection service,
  • it falls within the terms of the relevant Model Standing Offer, or
  • you indicate that the terms of the relevant Model Standing Offer are acceptable to you.

In these cases, we will take that you have accepted an offer on the terms of the relevant Model Standing Offer on the date we receive the application. If applicable, we will provide you with information regarding an incomplete rejected application within ten business days of its receipt.

If a negotiated connection service applies to you either because you requested it, or you applied for an expedited connection but we do not agree that an offer in terms of any Model Standing Offer is appropriate, we will advise you within ten business days of the process and likely costs and expenses related to the negotiations.

Provision of design brief

The concept design your ASP produces is called a Proposed Method of Supply, and is provided to us for assessment and determination.

We are committed to working consultatively with the designer to determine the best connection alternative and to issue a formal Design Brief or reject the proposal with reasons within ten business days of receiving an acceptable Proposed Method of Supply.

Design certification

Design certification is considered to be a critical milestone signifying that your designer has undertaken all analysis and consultation, and submitted all documentation required as a design package in accordance with the Design Brief and our standards and requirements.

The design, including funding arrangements, is assessed and if correct is certified for construction.  We are committed to checking and certifying or rejecting with reasons a design within ten business days of receiving the complete design package.

Letter of acceptance

You must ensure that the works have been completed and all personnel associated with the works have been advised that the network should be considered electrically alive.

The ASP must provide both a declaration of works completion and a ‘works as completed’ mark-up of the electricity network construction drawings. These must be signed and given to us prior to the issue by us of the letter of acceptance.

When we are prepared to accept transfer of the works, we will notify you in writing of this by issuing the Letter of Acceptance within five working days.

On such notification, full right, title and interest in the works, including the electricity network construction drawings will automatically transfer from you to us, free of rights and claims by other parties.

Notification of arrangement

Prior to approving subdivisions for registration, local councils require developers to provide proof that the developer has made satisfactory arrangements for the provision of electricity supply to the subdivision. The Notification of Arrangement (NOA) issued by the local network service provider satisfies this requirement.

If you are a developer, in order for you to make the necessary arrangements for supply to your subdivision, you must first lodge an application for supply to the subdivision and satisfy all of the Terms and Conditions of the Standard Connection Service (Subdivision and Asset Relocation).

Once all the servicing requirements are met, we will issue an NOA, which can be taken to the local council to meet the development approval condition of consent.

We will normally issue an NOA within ten working days of the following conditions being met:

  • development consent has been given by the local council
  • suitable electricity supply arrangements have been made by you to provide the electrical infrastructure required by us to service each lot within the subdivision
  • all fees and charges associated with the provision of network connection services have been paid.