If the load is unable to be supplied at low voltage due to capacity or other technical constraints, consideration may also be given to providing supply at a higher voltage.

The need for a high voltage supply

The following will be considered when determining suitability for the provision of supply at high voltage:

  • The proposed load to be connected at high voltage or the existing site must be a single customer site. Multiple occupant developments such as subdivisions, shopping centres, factory units or distribution centres are not entitled to high voltage connections
  • The proposed load may cause “quality of supply problems” to existing customers and connecting at a higher voltage will reduce the impact on existing customers
  • The proposed load is of such magnitude that it cannot be supplied from the adjacent zone substation. This can apply to extractive industries that are normally located in non-urban areas and are therefore remote from the normal distribution network
  • If it is agreed that an existing customer requires supply at a higher voltage than at present, then it may be beneficial for the customer to purchase existing assets from us which will form part of their high voltage system

Endeavour Energy may require the developer to create all necessary easements, restrictions, rights of access, and positive covenants. For more information, please refer to our property tenure requirements.

Your responsibilities

All assets within a high voltage system must comply with Australian Standard AS/NZS 3000, or other standards and associated requirements. It may be necessary for assets purchased from us to be altered to comply with these standards. This work is the responsibility of the customer.

The provision of high voltage supply requires the customer to enter into special arrangements with us for the ongoing operation and maintenance of supply. These arrangements will be discussed with the customer at the time of application and result in an agreed high voltage operating protocol.

Metering installed at the point of supply must be compliant to the relevant rules for the associated voltage. Metering at a lower voltage is not permissible under the National Electricity Rules set by the Australian Energy Market Operator.

The assets required for complying with the Supply Voltage and Security Standard should be funded by the customer to maintain an uninterrupted power supply.