Establishing a connection

Embedded networks – which are relatively rare within our network - can be shopping centres, retirement villages or office buildings.

To establish a new connection for the incoming supply or gate metering point, or to carry out any subsequent upgrades to the incoming supply, you will need to lodge a connection of load application. This allows us to determine the method of supply and any specific terms and conditions of connection.

The establishment and operation of the network connection point for the embedded network is consistent with a single occupancy site, however the National Meter Identifier (NMI) will have an embedded network parent code registered with the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and if the embedded network operator has embedded customers wishing to have retailer of choice these will also have on-market child NMIs. Endeavour Energy will register the embedded network parent code with AEMO. On-Market child NMI’s will be linked to the parent code NMI.

A typical embedded network may contain all or some of the following components:

  • embedded network connection point
  • parent NMI
  • retailer metering
  • private metering
  • child NMI

For more information, view our Embedded Network brochure.

A typical embedded network

On-selling electricity

Energy can be on-sold to other customers connected to the private network as long as private meters are installed to record the energy consumed by individual connections within the private network.

However, it is important to note that the customers of an embedded network are not connected to the Endeavour Energy network and must address any concerns regarding their connection to the embedded network operator, not Endeavour Energy.

The embedded network owner has AEMO responsibilities for:

  • complying with regulatory requirements
  • formulating contracts with the affected customers
  • installation of code complaint metering
  • maintenance of metering assets
  • requesting child NMI from the company
  • managing their customer tariffs, pricing and recovering Network Use of System (NUOS)
  • billing of their customers

Our offers for Embedded Network Connection Services are provided in accordance to our AER approved Model Standing Offer for an Embedded Network Metering Standard Connection Service.

Once an offer for embedded network connection services is issued, existing sites with multiple customer metering arrangements would require existing, separately metered customers connected within the installation to transition from Endeavour Energy to the private embedded network. This involves terminating the existing customer connection contract, making the associated NMI extinct and removing existing revenue metering.

The removal of metering and transition of existing customers to the private embedded network must be managed to ensure that all company and market system requirements are complied with.

When the connection arrangements have been agreed and implemented, we will issue a Permission to Connect and arrange for the embedded network to be registered with AEMO. The embedded network manager will then manage the internal data of the embedded network.