The Embedded generators 5MW and greater application guidelines provides details of what will be required at each stage of the process have been described along with any applicable fees. You will need to provide your own analysis of your generator's capability and operational performance as well as fund the cost of our network studies required to assess the performance of the generation system and its effects on our network and other connected customers.

We must ensure that connection of any generator does not adversely affect other customers connected to our network. As a result, a detailed review of our network's capacity to transfer the generated energy along with analysis of your generator's protection schemes and quality of supply considerations must be undertaken prior to a permission to connect being issued.

The terms and conditions which apply to a generator connection will generally be in accordance with the Generator connection agreement and will be negotiated following the connection application.

Endeavour Energy Technical Standards

Endeavour Energy’s Protection Design Instruction PDI 5000 describes the minimum electrical protection and control requirements for privately owned generation intended to operate in parallel with the Endeavour Energy’s electrical distribution or transmission network.

Endeavour Energy standards are also available for the design, construction and operation of network connections and substations. These standards are available for Accredited Service Providers (ASP) on the Endeavour Energy Standards website.

Note it is your responsibility to ensure the latest version of this standard is used at all times by checking the amendment number.

Register of completed embedded generation projects

The register of completed embedded generation projects lists all embedded generators 5MW and greater connected to the Endeavour Energy network since 2009.