Endeavour Energy operates under a robust framework of corporate governance, and our purpose and values form the basis of everything we do and how we do it. Our Code of Conduct sets out the standards of behaviour we expect of our employees and contractors when they perform activities on behalf of Endeavour Energy, and our Statement of Business Ethics sets out the key business principles we apply in our dealings with our business partners.

Sustainability reporting

We are committed to a journey of continuous improvement in all aspects of sustainability to support a brighter future. We believe our business must provide the best possible balance of economic, social and environmental considerations to generate sustainable long-term benefits for customers and communities. Being a signatory to The Energy Charter reinforces our commitment to provide electricity safely, sustainably and reliably.

We’re committed to assessing the environmental, social and governance impacts our operations and their influence on key stakeholders, and for the past two years we have participated in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmarking (GRESB) Infrastructure Asset Assessment.  In the 2021 GRESB Assessment, we achieved a five-star rating and scored 95 out of 100 for our environmental, social and governance performance. By using this international benchmark, we can deliver a more sustainable business and continuously test our performance against utilities across the world.