We expect our business partners to also apply these principles in their dealings with us.

Endeavour Energy procurement process

All procurement activities are conducted under strict policies and procedures.

Tenderlink is our electronic tendering solution. Endeavour Energy tenders are posted on:

Further information on the Endeavour Energy procurement process can be found on:

What we expect of you

Be committed to safety

Being an Endeavour Energy supplier means that you are required to maintain compliance with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011 and any other relevant laws, regulations, codes or standards, as they relate to Endeavour Energy’s Network operation.

Adhere to our corporate values

When doing business with or responding to a tender from Endeavour Energy we expect all suppliers, potential suppliers, contractors and potential contractors to operate in a manner that is in line with our corporate values.

What you can expect from us

Endeavour Energy requires its tendering, contracting and purchasing policies, procedures and practices to reflect high standards of ethical conduct. Tendering includes requests for quotes/proposals/tenders, expressions of interest and requests for information.

Comply with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010

The Competition and Consumer Act 2010 is in place to promote fair trading and competition.

Comply with applicable modern slavery laws

View our modern Slavery Statement here.

Gifts and benefits

Endeavour Energy encourages high levels of integrity in all its business operations. For this reason, it does not accept gifts or benefits (including invitations to events or hospitality) that may compromise our integrity or be percieved to do so.

You must never offer gifts of cash (including gift cards), bribes, inducements, commissions or incentives to Endeavour Energy employees; if you do, employees are required to immediately report this as a breach of the Statement of Business Ethics or our employee Code of Conduct

Communication between parties

To minimise the risk of a perceived inappropriate influence being brought to bear on the business relationship, all communication should be clear, direct and accountable.

You are not permitted to discuss Endeavour Energy’s business or information publicly in the media, online or in any other publication or at any event without prior approval.

Endeavour Energy’s employees and assets

Endeavour Energy’s Code of Conduct addresses secondary employment. You must never try to engage Endeavour Energy’s employees to provide services to your organisation that would not normally be provided under the agreement by which you are operating.

Conflicts of interest

Customers, suppliers and Endeavour Energy employees need to be confident that all decisions made by Endeavour Energy are impartial.


Endeavour Energy expects each of its suppliers to take all reasonable steps to protect any confidential information received, unless required to disclose it by law.


All contractors and subcontractors are required to comply with our Statement of Business Ethics.

Intellectual property rights

In business relationships with or for Endeavour Energy, parties will respect each other’s intellectual property rights and will formally negotiate any access, licence or use of intellectual property.

Who to contact

For additional information about our Statement of Business Ethics or Endeavour Energy’s procurement process, please call 131 081 or (02) 9853 6666 and ask to speak with the Manager Procurement & Logistics.