Bushfire aerial patrols

From February to July each year, we inspect all powerlines in bushfire prone areas as part of our Pre-Summer Bushfire Inspection program.

Endeavour Energy is responsible for keeping our electricity network, environment and customers safe, and in the lead up to the bushfire season we implement our annual Pre-Summer Bushfire Inspection program (PSBI).

This involves inspecting over 13,000 kilometres of powerlines in bushfire prone areas often across rugged terrain. These aerial patrols help prevent bushfires by identifying where we need to repair equipment or prune trees a safe distance from powerlines before the start of the bushfire season.

Previously, we used helicopters for these inspections. This year, we’re trialling drones. Drones offer a quieter way of inspecting the lines and will have less of an impact on our customers with flight paths directly following powerlines, reducing the need to fly above properties and farmland.

Drones, equipped with high-resolution cameras and advanced sensors, can conduct detailed inspections with greater accuracy and speed, even in hard-to-reach areas. While their technology will ensure they only capture pictures of our electrical assets, and not surrounding properties.

The drones are operated by licensed pilots and within CASA regulations under the authority of Endeavour Energy's Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operators Certificate.

Customer notification

All customers will be notified via SMS in the lead up to a drone flying near their property.

We also maintain a list of registered customers to be notified by phone two business days before flights near their property to minimise inconvenience to residents and livestock during aerial surveys.

To receive more information, or be registered on the pre-flight contact list, please call 131 003 during business hours or complete our contact form. Feedback on the program can also be provided through our contact form.