This is very important in reducing the risk of both bushfires and outages.

Who is responsible for what?

The image below shows some common examples of the responsibility of private property owners in relation to managing trees near service lines:

As shown by this diagram:

  • you are responsible for keeping trees that grow on your property a safe distance from powerlines
  • if vegetation on your neighbour’s property is within safety clearances of your service line we will take steps for the encroaching vegetation to be pruned

What are the distances?

By allowing the trees on your property to come into contact with powerlines you could be legally responsible for any damage that is caused.

Our standards require that your trees are at least:

  • half a metre away from insulated service lines
  • two metres away from uninsulated service lines

In designated bushfire prone areas, add another half metre to the distances stated above for all overhead lines other than low voltage insulated service lines.

Working safely

Working near powerlines is dangerous and specific control measures must be employed in accordance with the NSW WorkCover Code of Practice for Overhead Powerlines.

You cannot trim your trees yourself if:

  • the tree or branch to be pruned is closer than three metres to any powerline
  • any part of your body or equipment comes within three metres of any powerline
  • the tree or branch is above you service line

Should you ever need to trim or remove trees on your own premises, Endeavour Energy recommends that you have the work done by an accredited contractor with a minimum of Certificate II ESI - Powerline Vegetation Control from a Registered Training Organisation.

You should also remember that you may need approval from your local council before trimming is undertaken.

If you have any questions or need clarification about your responsibilities as a property owner or occupier, please us on call 133 718.

Planting trees near powerlines

Please think carefully about the suitability of trees before planting in close proximity to powerlines.

Choose appropriate trees

Large trees planted underneath powerlines pose significant challenges for Endeavour Energy, particularly species that are not suitable for pruning.

By selecting appropriate plants for your property, you can reduce the need for pruning and save yourself both time and money.