It also minimises opportunities for people to climb trees and risk electrocution from wires.

Why is it important to keep vegetation away from power lines?

Branches rubbing or falling on power lines is a major cause of blackouts. Vegetation clearance helps us keep the lights on for our customers.

How much vegetation does Endeavour Energy remove from a tree?

How much vegetation Endeavour Energy removes from a tree depends on a number of factors. Typically we need to keep clearances of 2.5 to 4.0 metres between power lines and trees. While some branch clearing may look severe immediately after cutting, most trees regrow at a normal rate.

Will the tree grow back?

Endeavour Energy’s practices ensure the tree growth is healthy and strong. How quickly a tree grows back depends on the time of year and species of tree.

Vegetation removal can sometimes reveal existing dead branches in a tree. While this might not be attractive it is not an indication of an unhealthy tree.

How often does Endeavour Energy carry out vegetation maintenance?

Endeavour Energy inspects its power lines throughout the year. If vegetation is growing too close and has become unsafe it will be cleared.

Generally we find that tree branches need to be cleared on an annual basis.

Does Endeavour Energy remove vegetation from special trees?

Endeavour Energy uses qualified arborists, works closely with local councils and inspects state registers to identify trees that are officially classified as:

  • heritage, memorial or significant trees
  • threatened species

While we are still required to ensure these trees are kept a safe distance from power lines, before work takes place we decide whether our normal pruning practices will be harmful.

If necessary, other options are considered. These may include cutting the tree more frequently (so less vegetation has to be removed each time) or using different vegetation removal practices.

Who carries out the vegetation maintenance program?

Endeavour Energy employs qualified staff and contractors specifically trained to manage vegetation growing close to and underneath power lines.

How can you help?

If vegetation maintenance is taking place in your street please keep safe and stay away from the work.

If you are planting near power lines please consider shrubs that do not grow above three metres. In rural and bushfire prone regions keep the areas under and near power lines clear of materials that may start fires.

If you notice vegetation growing too close to power lines please call Endeavour Energy on 133 718.

Where can I find out more?

See our Tree Management Plan which defines our approach to managing vegetation near powerlines across the network.

This plan provides an overview of our responsibilities, tree pruning techniques, defines our policy on tree removal, and provides guidance on planting near network assets.