You don’t need to be an electrical expert to manage these situations safely. You simply need a good understanding of the basics and be able to follow a few essential rules to keep yourself and others safe.

Remember the eight metre rule

Never approach fallen powerlines. Keep at least eight metres away from them and anything they may be touching such as trees and fences.

Use barricades or tape to make sure all bystanders stay clear too, and contact the Electricity Network Provider immediately (Endeavour Energy on 131 081 if the emergency is within our area).

Never try to move fallen powerlines

While they may seem ‘dead’, powerlines may re-energise in an instant without warning. So keep eight metres away from them and don’t approach unless given the all clear by the Electricity Network Provider.

Don't park under powerlines

Storms and fires can weaken the integrity of power poles and connection points.  If powerlines do fall on your vehicle do not exit. Stay inside the vehicle. You are safe in the vehicle and should stay put unless there is a life threatening risk, such as fire.

If you must exit the vehicle, jump clear of the vehicle with your legs and feet together and continue to jump with your legs and feet together until you are eight metres away.

Avoid rushing in

We understand that as an Emergency Services worker your first response is to help. However, when electricity is involved, you must stand back and wait for the Electricity Network Provider to attend and make everything safe.

Safety resources

Endeavour Energy has worked with Ausgrid, Essential Energy and TransGrid  to develop an electrical safety video for emergency services workers. View the video below.

Find out more about powerlines down and storm situations in this safety leaflet: Alive and Dangerous