Australians love their summers, filled with barbecues, holidays and days on the beach. But summers also bring dangerous storms and bushfires that can threaten lives and property.

Severe storms and bushfires can also damage the electricity network, interrupting power supply to thousands of homes and businesses.

That’s why Endeavour Energy works all year round to make sure our network is as resilient as possible and that we’re prepared to restore your power quickly and safely if a storm or bushfire hits.

You can also take simple steps now to help protect yourself, your family and your electricity supply.

Safety during storms

  • Secure loose items like garden furniture, trampolines and building materials that could become airborne in strong winds and cause damage to property and powerlines
  • Keep trees and shrubs pruned so they don’t hit powerlines in high wind. Contact a trained arborist if you need help
  • Clean your gutters and check the roof for broken tiles and leaks. Get professional help when working near powerlines
  • Buy a portable mobile phone charger and keep back up batteries for torches and a radio in a safe place.
  • Turn off outdoor electrical appliances at the power point and store them in a dry location where they will not get wet
  • Know the location of your fuse box and main switch (there may be more than one) and make sure it’s covered to prevent water damage
  • Read more about storm safety

Safety during bushfires

  • Clear gutters and garden beds of leaves and rubbish that could catch fire
  • Clear vegetation and ground fuels from around the house such as dry grass, dead leaves, branches and thick undergrowth
  • Remove flammable items from near the house such as door mats, wood piles, paper boxes, hanging baskets and wooden garden furniture
  • Keep trees and shrubs pruned so they don’t hit powerlines in high wind. Contact a trained arborist if you need help
  • Close-off wind drafts under the house and enclose eaves between the roof and the house
  • Read more about bushfire safety

You can find more information about how to prepare for bushfires and storms on the government website - just click here.

Emergency and customer support numbers

  • In an emergency call: Triple Zero (000)
  • Bushfire information line: 1800 NSW RFS (1800 679 737)
  • Call the SES for emergency help in storms and floods: 132 500
  • Endeavour Energy emergency line: 131 003. Call if you lose power, see fallen or sparking powerlines, leaning or fallen power poles, exposed underground cables, damaged substations, kiosk or pillars