Demand management

At Endeavour Energy we are always seeking new ways to optimise our energy supply. Part of our detailed planning processes involves investigating both supply-side and demand-side solutions that help achieve this objective.

Distribution planning

We publish an annual Distribution Annual Planning Report, detailing areas of network limitation where we have identified demand management opportunities. You can download a copy here:

Distribution Annual Planning Report

Project screening

In accordance with the National Electricity Rules, Endeavour Energy conducts screening for non-network options for each Regulatory Investment Test – Distribution (RIT-D) project. The result of each screening for non-network options is published.

If the screening identifies a non-network option is feasible a Non-Network Options Report is issued requesting submissions for non-network proposal and Non-Network Options Reports are

You can find further information for RIT-D projects here:

RIT-D Projects

We welcome your input

Endeavour Energy encourages stakeholders to contribute to our strategies and long term plans; and we welcome feedback on these documents, particularly in relation to suggesting alternative proposals to relieve specific network limitations.

We have established a Register of Interested Parties for customers and service providers who want to be informed of Endeavour Energy's network development plans, Non-network Options Reports and Request for Proposals (RFP) on an ongoing basis. We are always keen to receive ideas for possible non-network solutions to identified issues or limitations on our network.

So if you would like to contribute to this process, please click below:

Register of Interested Parties

Demand Side Engagement                    

We have developed a Demand Side Engagement document detailing how:

  • we will engage with non-network solution providers,
  • non-network proposals can be submitted, and
  • non-network proposals will be evaluated as part of the National Electricity Rules Distribution Network Planning and Expansion Framework.

You can download a copy of the document here:

Demand Side Engagement Document

Energy Savers program

Endeavour Energy’s Demand Management programs help customers reduce their electricity consumption, particularly during peak times on the hottest summer days. Our programs aim to deliver lower power bills for customers, reduce environmental impacts and cut the cost of delivering an electricity network to the community while improving the security of the network.

We offer a range of innovative demand management programs designed to suit the needs of different customers. Some of the solutions are:

  • use of energy efficient lighting and appliances
  • shifting equipment use from peak periods to off-peak periods (for example, hot water heating, PoolSaver and PeakSaver)
  • the efficient operation of air conditioning during peak periods (CoolSaver)
  • power factor correction.