Tendering expression of interest

Endeavour Energy invites organisations to bid to supply goods and services that are the subject of Requests for Expressions of Interest or Requests for Tender or Requests for Quotes.

How the process works

Conforming expressions of interest, quotes and tenders are evaluated against approved criteria by an evaluation team.

Recommendations to award contracts above a dollar threshold are subject to scrutiny by an internal committee.

Endeavour Energy notifies tenderers of the outcome of the process at the earliest possible time after a decision has been signed-off.

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Electronic tendering

Please register with our electronic tendering system to receive notifications and documentation specific to your nominated industry category. Registration is free and relatively simple.

Electronic tendering conditions of use

Please be aware that Endeavour Energy does not accept any responsibility for emails from its e-tendering service that are not delivered to registered suppliers or sent to nominated supplier points of contact who are absent. Suppliers are strongly urged to register using either a shared email address that can be accessed by more than one person or multiple email addresses as the e-tendering solution cannot act on automatic ‘out of office’ replies.

We also recommend that suppliers nominate for as many industry categories as possible, if not all, to ensure they are notified of as many Endeavour Energy opportunities as possible.

Endeavour Energy does not represent or warrant that it will notify any registered suppliers of any requests for expressions of interest, quote or tender. By registering on TenderLink, suppliers agree to this condition of use.

Electronic tendering FAQs

Endeavour Energy is committed to engaging suppliers that align with our values and meet our high standards of capability, performance, quality, H&S, risk and environmental management. Therefore we have put a program in place to assess suppliers for their eligibility to be added to our Supplier Quality Register.

Why is Endeavour Energy managing its tenders electronically?

Our supplier base has been increasingly submitting tenders via email over the past few years but our firewall, anti-SPAM software and email inbox limits have combined to frustrate the efficient and secure management of these tenders. After assessing the market, we selected the electronic tendering service hosted by Tenderlink.com Pty Ltd as being best suited to meet our stringent probity and information security requirements. We expect that the Tenderlink service will streamline the tender process, improve reporting and enhance information security.

Are all RFTs, RFPs and RFEOIs managed electronically?

Yes, Endeavour Energy will be managing all tenders electronically but may not always provide tenderers with the opportunity to submit their tenders via the e-tendering portal where it is expected documentation will be voluminous.

How can we download RFT, RFP or RFEOI documents managed electronically?

Suppliers will first need to register to use the service at: https://www.tenderlink.com/endeavourenergy/

Generally it only takes a few minutes to register and applications will be processed immediately. Eligible suppliers will receive an email confirming registration details.

Can we register using the email address of one of our employees?

It’s up to you to decide what email address you use to register however it is strongly recommended that you use an email address that can be accessed by more than one person to compensate for anyone’s prolonged absence. The e-tendering service cannot act on automatic ‘out of office’ replies.

Will we be notified of RFTs, RFPs and RFEOIs?

Once suppliers have registered to use the system they will be sent an email every time a new open RFT, RFQ or RFEOI is released in respect of industry categories for which they have registered. TenderLink also supports selective/restricted tendering from supplier panels.

What are the benefits to suppliers?

Suppliers that are registered to use the solution will be notified immediately by email of all new open RFTs, RFPs, and RFEOIs in relation to industry categories for which they have registered. They will also have earlier access to all relevant documentation to better understand the scope and details of the RFT, RFP or RFEOI.

Do we need to pay any charges to use the e-tendering solution?

There are no charges for suppliers to use the solution in respect of Endeavour-related opportunities.

How do I find out more?

More information regarding Tenderlink.com Pty Ltd and the range of other services it provides can be found at www.tenderlink.com

Do you need help?

If you experience any difficulties in accessing Endeavour Energy's e-tendering portal, please call TenderLink on 1800 233 533.

Or if you are having trouble accessing any documents or submitting responses, please email tenderenquiry@endeavourenergy.com.auor contact one of the Contracts and Procurement team listed on this page: Contracts and Procurement contact details