Customer Owned Asset Assistance Loan

If you have received a defect notice from us you may be eligible for financial assistance. We can help you determine your eligibility here.

Customer Owned Asset Assistance Loan

We undertake regular inspections on our poles and wires to ensure service and safety. These inspections also include Private Assets such as poles & service mains.

Private assets that are found to be unsafe will be issued a “Report of Inspection - Customer Defect” that explains what the defect is and what is required to rectify the defect. A defect could include a rusting or rotting private pole or damage, vegetation that encroaches on service mains or damage to overhead consumers mains, etc.

We recognise that there are customers within our communities unprepared for the unexpected cost that comes with urgent repair works that are required to maintain the safety of your property and our network.

While customers are obligated to comply with defect notices, we may be able to assist in getting these defects rectified with an affordable interest-free repayment plan.


We encourage our customers who may find it difficult to pay for rectification work upfront to contact us and seek assistance.

Customers may be eligible for a variety of reasons, some of which could include:

  • holder of a Pensioner Concession Card issued by the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) or Services Australia, Health Care Card issued by Services Australia, or DVA Gold Card.
  • unemployment
  • Iilness or mental health concerns
  • physical or intellectual disability
  • loss of a family member
  • change in the family unit
  • vulnerable financial situation
  • experiencing family violence
  • sudden loss of income or substantial reduction in income
  • natural disaster such as fire, flood, or storm damage.


Eligible customers will benefit from:

  • negotiated and agreed, interest free repayments to cover the cost of the work
  • repayment plans based on the individual’s circumstances
  • protection from disconnection by Endeavour Energy

Enquiries or Questions

Contact the Overhead Line Inspection Team on 133 718 (Extn 82955) or email  

After you receive your “Report of Inspection - Customer Defect” notice, you will need to obtain three quotes. Electrical work must be carried out only by a licensed electrical contractor.

Where the defect repair involves disconnection at the point of supply, the contractor is also required to be a Level 2 Accredited Service Provider (ASP). Details of ASP’s can be found here or call Service NSW on 137 788.