Connecting to our network

You can read about Endeavour Energy connection services here:

Customers with existing connections to our network can be provided with connection services under either: the deemed standard connection contract or a negotiated connection contract

Your rights and entitlements

We will provide install and maintain equipment for the provision of connection services at your premises up to the point of your connection to our network.

We will meet the standards for the reliability of supply and the guaranteed services provided under our deemed standard connection contract.

Read about our Customer Service Standards

We strive to maintain a safe and reliable power supply to you at all times. For various reasons – both planned and unplanned – power supply to some customers can be interrupted.

Read about Power Outages

Your obligations

You must provide us with any information we reasonably require.

You must not use electricity illegally.

As a ‘small customer’, you are entitled to ask us questions through the enquiry process, make complaints, or compliment us if you wish. Your concerns will be resolved at the first point wherever possible or referred to our dedicated Customer Care team for further investigation.

For more information about our procedures for handling customer complaints, and for the contact details of the Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW, please click here: Complaints, compliments and enquiries