To ensure we deliver on this commitment, and continuously increase our network’s resilience, we regularly perform maintenance on the poles, wires and equipment in the network.

We know power interruptions can be inconvenient and do all we can to reduce the impact of our maintenance work.

At times, however, network maintenance can only be safely completed when the power is off. Other unforeseen circumstances such as damaging winds, lightning, storms, floods and bushfires can interrupt your power supply without notice. Once safe to do so, we will commence safety inspections and restoration.

To help you prepare for times you are without power, we’ve put together frequently asked questions and answers on how to minimise the inconvenience of power outages

Check power outages

For the latest information about planned or unplanned power outages in your area, as well as estimated restoration times, please see our outages map or call us on 131 003. This information should be used as a guide as restoration times can change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Report unplanned power outages

Complete this online form to log a problem with power supply to your home or business. Please note we always give priority to safety when responding to unplanned outages.

Planned outages

Your power may be interrupted to:

  • undertake upgrades or planned maintenance to the electricity network
  • upgrade supply to existing customers or to connect new customers
  • replace your metering equipment or service line or
  • complete vegetation maintenance safely.

We will notify you at least four business days before a planned outage unless there is an electrical emergency.

Unplanned outages

High winds, lightning, storms, bushfires, car accidents, trees and branches falling onto powerlines or equipment failure can disrupt your power without warning.

When this happens, we will do all we can to safely restore your supply as soon as possible. Please stay at least eight metres from fallen powerlines and report them immediately by calling our emergency line 131 003.

What to do during a planned outage

How will I know if I’ve got a planned outage coming up?

We will notify you at least four business days before a planned outage. If possible and safe to do so, switch off any appliances and disconnect from the power outlet before a planned outage commences. Be mindful of electric garage doors, fridges, internet and ensure all devices are charged prior to the planned power charging all devices required. To receive notifications via SMS of updates and progress, please ensure your most recent mobile number is registered with your retailer.

What if I use medical equipment that requires electricity?

Please ensure you have all batteries charged and you can invoke your back up plan. If you have not already done so, please ensure you register your premise with Endeavour Energy as a life support customer by contacting our customer service centre immediately on 131 003. For more information, click here.

What work is being carried out?

The notification you will receive via SMS will include a link which will direct you to the relevant details on our website. Alternatively, details of the works we are completing can be accessed via our outage map.

How long will they be here?

If your mobile number is registered with your electricity retailer, we will send you an SMS message to advise the date, times and outage reference number. You can also keep up to date through our outage map.

What if it’s raining?

In the case of adverse weather or conditions where the work cannot be completed safely, we may need to reschedule the work to another date. If your mobile number is registered with your retailer, we will send you a message to advise of the detail.

What if I’m not home or need to go somewhere?

It’s important to be aware that some maintenance work will require assistance from traffic controllers to safely use large equipment. On the day the work starts, if access to your driveway is required, and you are not home, we will do everything we can to ensure access is available when you need it.

Existing access arrangements and tracks will be utilised where possible and every effort will be taken to ensure that works cause minimum disturbance. We will ensure all access points and gates are left as they are found, whether that be open or closed. We will ensure we are mindful of animals that may also be on the property.

What about my food in the fridge and freezer?

We will ensure we do everything possible to minimise the impact of the maintenance work. However, to ensure we safely complete the necessary work, we may need to interrupt your power. We encourage you to keep your fridge and freezer closed as much as possible to avoid food spoilage. Please refer to NSW Food Authority website for guidance regarding food safety.

What appliances should I switch off in a planned outage?

  • aircondtioners
  • solar panels - once your power is back on, check that your solar system is restored as not all solar inverters will switch back on automatically.
  • garage doors - please ensure you know how to manually open and close your automatic garage door
  • water pumps - you may have restricted access to water supply if you rely on an electric water pump
  • gas powered stoves and hot water systems that rely on electricity to ignite
  • printers, computers, modems, routers and media players
  • NBN internet and home phone services will be interrupted unless back up power supply has been installed
  • be mindful of any appliances which are left ‘on’ when power is interrupted as they will return to the ‘on’ position on restoration.

Additional resources that may be helpful

Consider purchasing an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) connected to any critical devices which may be required during a planned outage. Ensure you confirm the power requirements needed for specific devices to ensure coverage for the duration. A USB power bank can be used as a backup for many USB devices (phones etc) during a planned outage

Keep us informed about loss of power

If your power goes out, it will help us to know some important information when you report the outage completing this online form or calling us on 131 003:

  • are other lights and electrical equipment in your home or business working?
  • is there damage to the electricity network such as wires down or trees lying across powerlines?
  • do neighbouring properties have power?
  • have you seen or heard anything that may help us locate the source of the fault?

Be prepared for an unplanned outage

A simple precaution you can take for unplanned outages is to have the following readily available:

  • a battery-operated radio to keep up to date with the latest emergency information
  • torches with spare batteries
  • a first aid kit and any medications essential to your health
  • a telephone that does not need mains power to operate
  • important personal and emergency contacts
  • an esky with ice
  • access to fresh water

You can also read our article on what to do if you're without power for more information.

Outages during natural disasters 

We are committed to providing our customers with safe and reliable electricity. Strong winds, lightning, flooding and bushfires are natural events that can damage the network used to bring power to your home or business.

So when these natural events interrupt your power supply, we are ready with a plan to keep you safe and restore power as quickly as possible. If widespread interruptions occur, we follow a specific restoration process based on our experience and best practices for our industry that are tailored to the customers and communities served by our network.

Learn more about our response to natural disasters here: