Connection of load application

If you would like to connect or upgrade your supply from our network in an urban area, and your total maximum demand calculated by your electrical contractor no greater than 100 amps 230 volts (single phase) or no greater than 63 amperes 400 volts (three phase) you may use our online application to receive an immediate permission to connect.

Customers wishing to connect a typical low voltage load up to 100 amps single phase or 63 amps three phase in an existing urban area, are typically offered to connect under a model standing offer for a LV basic connection service.

An offer for a basic connection service will generally mean that the network is capable of direct connection of a low voltage service by a Level 2 Accredited Service Provider - Finding an Accredited Service Provider.

If your connection requirements are other than those stated above, please refer to our connection of load page to determine the right connection service for you.

If you are still not sure of the connection services required, you can complete an enquiry form and email it to Or speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives on 133 718.