Hot weather

During hot weather, we plan ahead and enact special procedures to help support the delivery of safe and reliable power supply across the network.

Getting ready for summer 

We build our network to be resilient and withstand temperature extremes, however high temperatures can sometime impair the operation of key infrastructure like generators and transmission lines and unplanned power outages may occur.

Our hot weather preparedness plan makes sure that:

  • there is sufficient capacity available to meet increased demand from customers on the hottest days of the year
  • our network equipment is regularly maintained throughout the year and in good working condition to meet the added rigours of hot weather
  • we plan ahead and where necessary adapt our programmed maintenance works to suit the relevant temperature conditions, so can minimise inconvenience to customers
  • in the event of equipment failing, we have emergency crews available to respond.

We have staff ready to respond to any network issues to minimise the time customers are without power if there is faulty equipment or an emergency.

We also place extra emergency crews on standby during heatwaves to respond to faults.

Planned outages on hot days

Maintaining a vast electricity network is a big job that requires constant work throughout the year. This means that sometimes we must plan essential maintenance during hot weather. This ongoing maintenance routine helps to avoid even more inconvenient unplanned outages of longer duration.

Where essential maintenance requires planned outages to keep workers safe, affected registered electricity account holders are sent SMS notifications at least four business days in advance so they can plan around the time their property will be without power. These planned outages are planned several weeks in advance where accurate weather forecasts for the day are not yet available.

Given the changing nature of weather forecasts, we are constantly checking and reviewing weather and bushfire conditions on the day before scheduled planned outages to make sure our operations minimise inconvenience where feasible.

Based on this forecast, a decision is made by 12pm the day before to either proceed or cancel planned works as follows:

  • forecast of up to 37°C - planned interruptions continue as planned, except where extreme or catastrophic fire danger ratings have been declared in accordance with the Australian Fire Danger Ratings.
  • extreme or catastrophic fire danger – all planned interruptions are cancelled in areas where catastrophic fire danger ratings have been declared. Where an extreme fire danger rating has been declared, planned interruptions are cancelled in areas determined to be bushfire prone by the NSW Rural Fire Service.
  • forecast of 37°C - planned interruptions are cancelled - or alternative supply arrangements made – for sensitive and vulnerable customers such as hospitals, nursing homes, childcare centres & customers with registered home medical equipment. All other works continue as planned.
  • forecast of temperatures above 39°C but below 40°C - planned outages proceed where power can be restored before 12 noon so that customers are not without power in the hottest part of the day.
  • forecast of temperatures of 40°C and above – all planned power interruptions are cancelled, unless emergency work needs to be completed to keep people and the network safe.

Notifying customers when planned outages are cancelled 

Affected registered electricity account holders are sent a cancellation notification by SMS before a planned outages are cancelled.

Please ensure your mobile phone details are up to date so you can receive important messages about your electricity supply. To update your details, you can contact

  • Endeavour Energy directly on 131 003
  • your electricity retailer (who will forward the changes onto us).

Updated information on scheduled planned outages is also available on our power outages map by entering your home address.

If you rely on power for home medical equipment, register your personal details with us on 131 003 as soon as possible.

How to save money and stay cool 

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