Here are some tips to help you save energy while staying comfortable.

Cooling tips

  • Use portable or ceiling fans wherever possible
  • Keep your shutters, curtains or blinds closed
  • Shade windows from the outside with eaves, pergolas, verandas, external blinds, trees or awnings
  • Install ceiling insulation
  • Consider purchasing a timer or smart thermostat device to automatically switch off your cooling system at times when you don’t need it
  • If you have an air conditioner, set your thermostat to a comfortable 23 to 26 degrees. Every degree cooler you set the air conditioner adds more to your cooling costs
  • Clean the filter element of your air conditioner regularly
  • Set your air conditioner to re-circulate mode when cooling
  • Limit opening your fridge - it takes three minutes to regain its temperature every time the door is opened
  • Turn off electrical equipment not in use

Heating tips

  • Cover windows by closing blinds and curtains
  • Keep your windows and doors closed
  • Make sure your home is well insulated
  • Stop draughts getting into your home by covering any openings at the base of doors or in windows
  • Dress warmly when inside
  • Check that the temperature of your home is around a comfortable 18 to 21 degrees. Every degree hotter you set your heating system adds more to your heating costs
  • Portable heaters such as bar radiators and fan heaters are cheap to buy but costly to run