Greater Western Sydney (GWS) has a climate where temperatures during extreme summer events can be up to 6- 10 °C higher compared to other coastal regions in New South Wales.

This means energy consumption (for cooling) is up to 100% higher and heat-related mortality can be up to three times higher during heatwave periods.

And when temperatures increase from 20 °C to 40 °C peak electricity demand can increase by almost 100%.

Our vision for GWS is to help create and connect liveable, productive and sustainable communities that thrive.

We’ll meet this vision by:

  • delivering world class infrastructure to the Western Parkland City
  • leveraging our engineering excellence and track record of innovation and efficiency
  • streamline utility services with our utility partners while improving the customer experience.

Our focus is on three main areas:

1. Distributed Energy Resources

  • Updating our grid to cater for two-way flows from rooftop solar, solar farms, batteries and Electric Vehicles
  • Continuing to grow the two-way flow of our network. In 2020, our network absorbed up to 20% solar PV penetration
  • Partnering to create local energy markets
  • Learn more about Distributed Energy Resources.

2. Digital platforms

  • Supporting local energy markets through complementary digital solutions where we can provide the communication, sensors and automation required to actively manage the distributed generation and demand across our network.

3. Partnerships

  • Develop and design strategic partnerships with major utilities and industry partners to foster new growth opportunities, overcome delivery barriers and gain delivery capability.