Advancements in technology and our way of life is driving change and creating new opportunities in the way we generate, distribute, use and store energy.

To ensure we keep up and continue to meet customer needs now and into the future, we focus a lot of our energy on future network planning.

What is future network planning?

Future network planning is our roadmap for finding better ways to deliver affordable, safe and reliable energy to our customers. We do this by proactively working with other service providers to understand what’s happening in the communities we serve, assessing our network capabilities and how it may impact our future grid.

What are the driving forces?

There are many different factors that can drive change. This includes new major developments like Western Sydney Airport, new commercial or residential suburbs like Bungarribee and Marsden Park and the continued growth of businesses throughout Greater Western Sydney.

On a smaller scale, future planning may be required in residential neighourhoods that are experiencing change or are involved in energy efficiency programs.

Improvements to the network can also come about from an increase in customers adopting new technology such as rooftop solar, batteries and electric vehicles.

How does technology fit into the mix?

We use a suite of sophisticated design tools that captures the current state of the network. This includes data science and computer models, which we use for historical analysis and advanced forecasting.

Smart tech like this, helps us to assess the constraints and potential of distributed energy resources (DER) and understand the impact climate change is having on the energy landscape.

All of this helps us to plan for the future and deliver innovative solutions for our modern grid.

What’s in it for me?

Future network planning guides how we make improvements to the network in the most cost effective and efficient way. It ensures our customers get maximum value out of a safe, reliable and sustainable network, and enables us to find opportunities to work with others in the know to achieve the best outcomes for our community.

Shaping the future network

With our forward-thinking approach and openness to work collaboratively, we’re planning ahead for what this world of fast paced emerging technologies and changing community expectations means for our modern grid.

We’re adapting and evolving to ensure a brighter energy future for all.