What are the different kinds of meters?

There are three different kinds of electricity meters: traditional accumulation meters; interval meters; and smart meters.

Under new metering rules digital electricity meters will be made available to residential and small business customers from 1 December 2017.

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Who is responsible for the electricity meter?

Under the new rules, energy retailers will manage the installation, meter reading and maintenance of digital meters.

Endeavour Energy

Your Retailer

Installation of new smart metering equipment


Meter reading of smart meters


Meter reading of traditional accumulation meters


Testing of smart meters


Testing of traditional accumulation meters


Replacement of non-compliant or faulty traditional accumulation meters


Replacement of non-compliant or faulty smart meters


Metering upgrades eg new solar installation


Access to your meter for meter readings

If you are a residential and or small business customer Endeavour Energy reads your meter every three months. If you have a digital meter, your energy retailer arranges for your meter to be read.

Preparing for a meter reading

Our meter readers carry clear personal identification that they’ll be happy to show you. Their visit will be as brief as possible if you can please:

  • Make sure the area around your meter is clean and free from debris, household items or obstacles
  • Secure pets or restrain them away from the meter
  • Unlock any gates that prevent access to your meter and avoid using private locks
  • Trim or remove any plants and shrubs that are blocking access to your meter
  • Make sure there are no spiders, wasps or other insects in or around the meter

If we can’t access your meter, we’ll have to send an estimated reading to your retailer.

Wherever possible, these are calculated based on the energy consumed at your address for the same billing period in the previous year.

If access to your meter is a problem, speak to your retailer. They can assist with different metering options that remove the need for you to provide access. To learn more about metering charges and how to read your meter, click here.