Choosing your energy retailer

If your home or business is in the Endeavour Energy network area you will need to establish suitable arrangements with a licensed retailer as part of obtaining electricity supply.

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Licensed retailers

A list of licensed retailers and their contact details is available on the NSW Government website: Australian Energy Regulator (AER)

Origin Energy is the default retailer for customers living in the Endeavour Energy network area. They are obliged to provide small customers with a standing offer based on prices and terms regulated by the Australian Energy Regulator.

You can call Origin Energy on 132 461 or visit their website: Origin Energy

Requests from your electricity retailer

In certain circumstances your electricity retailer may ask us to disconnect or restore the power supply to your home or business.

Requests for disconnections and restorations

Endeavour Energy is obliged to carry out service requests from electricity retailers. The circumstances for these requests are usually:

  • disconnecting power after obtaining a final meter reading once a customer has vacated their premises,
  • restoring power when a customer moves in, or
  • disconnecting power if a customer has not paid their account.

We will only accept such requests from a licensed electricity retailer, unless there is an electrical safety risk or if we are directed by a relevant authority such as the police or fire brigade in an emergency situation.

For more details please download a copy of our connection contract: Deemed standard connection contract

Timeframes for connection and reconnection

For a new connection for a ‘small customer’, you will need to arrange with your Accredited Service Provider  the connection timeframe that meets your requirements.

Endeavour Energy will reconnect your supply to an existing premises:

  • if your retailer makes the service request before 3pm on a business day, by no later than the end of the next business day
  • if your retailer makes the service request after 3pm on a business day, by no later than the end of the second business day following the day the request is made

Please note that reconnecting within these timeframes is reliant on you having the relevant electrical equipment in place for us to do so.

If you are a small customer, and we have disconnected your premises for any reason other than at the request of your retailer, we will re-energise the premises within the above timeframes, if you have, within 10 working days of the disconnection:

  • fixed the matter leading to the disconnection
  • made a request for reconnection
  • paid any relevant additional charges

Timeframes for disconnection

We will disconnect the power supply to a home or business within two business days of receiving a notice from a licensed electricity retailer.

Protected periods

If you are a small customer, we cannot action service requests from retailers to disconnect you within certain periods. These protected periods are:

  • a business day before 8am or after 3pm
  • a Friday or the day before a public holiday
  • a weekend or public holiday
  • the days between 20 December and 31 December (inclusive) in any year

These protected period restrictions do not apply if:

  • there are health and safety reasons supporting disconnection
  • we have been directed to carry out the disconnection by a relevant authority
  • there is an emergency situation
  • you have used electricity illegally