frequently asked questions

My power has been turned off because of a flood, what do I do now?

When an area is impacted by a flood, Endeavour Energy may proactively turn the power off to flood affected properties or for homes where poles, wires and other network electrical infrastructure is at risk.

As flood waters subside, Endeavour Energy will restore power as quickly as possible. This may require damaged poles, wires and other equipment to be replaced.

My house was not flooded, why was the power turned off?

While your property may not be flooded or have damaged powerlines that you can see, other parts of the electricity network supplying your home are likely still flooded or in need of repair. In some areas we may need flooding to subside before we can access and restore damaged equipment.

My house is still flooded, but you have restored power to the street, is this safe?

While power may have been restored to the main power lines in your street, it won’t be restored to your home or business until it has been checked by Endeavour Energy or a Level 2 Accredited Services Provider (ASP). This is to make sure we do everything necessary to keep you safe.

Please don’t try to replace circuit fuses, or switch power on to wiring or equipment that has been flooded, until the electrical installation is checked by a licensed electrical contractor.

Remember, electricity and water don’t mix.

My house was flooded and water was inside the house, what happens now?

Call us on 131 003 and we will complete a preliminary inspection of your home and the meter box. If we deem your home undamaged, you will remain connected to our network. If we suspect damage, your home will be disconnected at the meter box or at the mains (pole or pillar). If it is safe to do so, Endeavour Energy will arrange a limited power supply such as a power point in your switchboard.

Your property may require repairs. In this situation, you will need to arrange an electrician to inspect your property and complete any required repairs.

My house was flooded, and power has been disconnected at the mains or meter box. What do I need to do now?

Your property may require repairs before we are able to reconnect it to the network. In this situation, please arrange an electrician to inspect your property and complete any required repairs. This does not have to be a Level 2 ASP, as long as they are a licensed electrician.

Once these repairs have been complete, please phone us on 131 003, 7 days a week and we will arrange for power to be reconnected as soon as possible.

What happens if I am not home when Endeavour Energy visits my property to inspect it after a flood?

If you're not home when we visit, we will leave you a letter detailing the outcome and instructions on the next steps. If you have any questions, you can phone us on 131 003 at any time, 7 days a week.

Where can I get financial help and access to other services?

Financial support and other services are available: