Underground cable replacement

Improving electricity reliability

We’re focused on providing reliable electricity supply and we continue to invest in the upgrade of electricity infrastructure leveraging the latest technology to build a safer, more resilient network.

Your area is serviced by underground electricity cables and some of these have been in service for more than 50 years. Over time, the insulation protecting the wires (otherwise known as conductors) can degrade. Before defects occur resulting in more frequent and longer duration unplanned outages, we are proactively replacing old cables with new.


New XLPE cable termination compared with an older CONSAC cable termination

We apologise in advance for the interruption to your power supply whilst we complete the upgrade work. We understand the importance of having ongoing power supply and as a result we will undertake all work quickly and safely to restore power as indicated.

Important considerations during the upgrade to covered conductors
  • If you’re a life support customer please activate your back-up plan immediately. If you are not currently registered for life support and require power for the use of medical devices please call 131 003 to commence the registration process.
  • Once power supply is lost, automatic garage doors will not open. It is always good to know how to manually open, close, and safely secure your garage door in case of a loss of power.
  • Some of the trucks used to repair electricity infrastructure are large and we may be forced to park across driveways to enable safe access to complete the work required. Talk to our crew when they arrive onsite if you need access to your vehicle, they will work with you to find a suitable time.
  • Should there be adverse weather, the job may be rescheduled to another date – we know this is difficult where customers have made alternative arrangements, however our crew is unable to work on live wires during heavy rain or very strong winds.
What to expect when our team is onsite

The replacement of underground cables takes 4-6 weeks (weather permitting) however it’s important to note your power should only be interrupted for 1 day during this time. Work is undertaken in a progressive and planned way as some work requires completion before the next stage can commence. During replacement of underground cables the following actions will be undertaken by Endeavour Energy.

  1. To access and install new conduits (or channels) trenches will be dug using small excavators to expose the existing cables.
  2. The installation of temporary fencing, or temporarily backfilling trenches with sand, ensures our community is protected and not exposed to deep excavations during this work.
  3. Aged cabling is removed and replaced with new cables. New pillars may also be installed to connect individual premises to the network where needed.
  4. Connecting your property to the new cables will require an interruption to your power supply. The start and finish times for this outage will be noted within our outage notification SMS or letter.
  5. Once connected to the new underground cables, old and obsolete pillars will be removed and disposed of.
  6. The final step will be restoration of the job area to pre-work conditions. This may involve laying new turf or footpaths following consultation with your local council.

EvacuationAccessUndergroundCableExample of excavation to access underground cables

During this work you will see Endeavour Energy teams, trucks, and equipment. There will be some noise and dust, however we’ll make every effort to keep this to a minimum.

EEUndergroundEquipmentExample of Endeavour Energy team members working on underground equipment

Some equipment may be stored on footpaths and nature strips ahead of installation and when our team is undertaking work, access to street parking and footpaths may be restricted. Access to driveways will be maintained wherever possible unless otherwise arranged with the occupants.

In some instances, traffic control may be needed to maintain the safety of both workers and the community. When work is immediately in front of your property, please be mindful of where you place your bins for collection to avoid disruption to your garbage service.

Outage Hints and Tips:

Protect your personal safety, electrical equipment and improve your outage experience by following these helpful tips:

  • try to keep your fridge and freezer closed as much as possible to avoid food spoiling
  • switch off any electronic equipment and disconnect it from the power outlet prior to the interruption. This includes items such as computers, printers, internet modems & routers, media players, television sets and electronic timers
  • switch off three phase motors such as air conditioners and garage doors
  • recharge or replace batteries for portable devices such as mobile phones, tablets, radios and torches
  • do not arrange for electrical work to be undertaken within your premises during the outage
  • if you have solar panels, check your system is restored once the outage is complete. Not all solar inverters will switch back on automatically
  • once your power has been switched off, remember any automatic/electric door (garage doors etc.) will not operate, so it is good to move your car out before the planned outage, or understand how to use the manual override
  • in rural areas loss of power often results in loss of water. If you require power for water pumps at your property please consider alternate power generation (I.e. Petrol generators) or alternate water supplies for the duration of the outage
  • gas powered stoves and hot water systems rely on electricity supply in order to ignite, you therefore will not have these available during the planned outage
  • your NBN internet and home phone service will not be available without your electricity supply (unless backup infrastructure has been installed), so please make alternate arrangements
  • don’t turn any electric appliances on during your planned outage and leave them on, as often they will turn on when supply is restored and you least expect it
  • consider purchasing an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) connected to any critical devices which may be required during a planned outage
  • a USB power bank may provide great backup to charge any USB devices (phones etc) during a planned outage
  • our construction works often require road closures. This could affect bus routes on the day of the works, so please be across any potential impacts to your commute
  • please be aware that we may be working in your street on days scheduled for your bin pickup. If possible, try to place bins in a location that they can be picked up.
Questions or concerns

For further information about Endeavour Energy or outages in your area speak with our team on 131 003 or reach out using Facebook or Twitter