As a result, the service up to your point of supply will be upgraded.

The work that’s required involves replacing the existing multi-wire service with an aerial bundled cable (as illustrated below). Vegetation clearing may also be needed to meet the current standards.

If your service already has bundled cable it will be tested and brought up to the current NSW Standard where required. This may involve replacement of electrical connections on your service.

Endeavour Energy is unable to confirm the exact time of the power interruption however, the scheduled works will take up to 3 hours to complete and will occur within the time period specified in the Outage Notification letter sent to your premise.

Existing hardware at your point of supply (which includes insulators and brackets) are the property owner’s responsibility. Our qualified workers will remove the redundant hardware where possible, however please note removal is not always achievable without intrusive works or without impacting the external finishes of the property. In these circumstances  existing hardware will be left in place.

Endeavour Energy’s works are based on the age of our assets. It’s likely that the electrical assets within your property (consumers’ mains) are of similar age. As part of our process, electrical testing will be undertaken in accordance with AS 4741-2010 – ‘Testing of connections to low voltage electricity networks’ and involves confirmation of the integrity of existing consumer mains.

Please be aware that in some rare circumstances consumer mains have failed to meet the electrical tests spelt out in AS4741. In these instances we’re obliged to disconnect supply to the property on safety grounds. The upgrading/replacement of consumer mains are the responsibility of the property owner. If you wish to avoid this potential inconvenience, please have your consumer mains tested by a qualified service provider of your choice prior to our works being complete.

Access to your property 

Access to the meter board and point of attachment (where the electrical service cables attach to the roof or private pole) at this property will be required, so please leave gates unlocked on this day.

Endeavour Energy will need to place a ladder under the Point of Attachment so please ensure this area is accessible and clear of rubbish, vegetation, boats, cars, trailers, etc.

Endeavour Energy will also need to position trucks in the street to access Network poles on this day. If you normally park vehicles in the street, please relocate them for this day to reduce access issues.

If access to your property is not made available, and replacement of our service cannot be complete, disconnection of your supply may be necessary on safety grounds.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How long will my power be off for?

The scheduled works will take approximately 3 hours to complete. This will occur within the time period specified within an Outage Notification letter sent to your premise when work is required.

Why is this work being done?

The work is being done as a network upgrade for reliability, to bring service mains up to the current NSW standard.

When will my service be changed during the day?

Endeavour Energy is unable confirm the exact time of the power interruption due to unforeseen circumstances on the day.

Do I need to unplug or turn anything off?

An Endeavour Energy representative will knock on your door prior to de-energizing your house, and give you time to switch off any sensitive electrical devices. If you are not going to be home during the time period specified in the interruption letter, please turn off any computers or sensitive electrical devices prior to leaving your house.

What happens if my house isn’t done on the day?

While Endeavour Energy attempts to complete work within the time specified in the Outage Notification letter, some premises may not be complete due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. These premises will be rescheduled for future works and will be given at least one weeks’ notice prior to works commencing.

What do I need to do with my fridge and freezer?

Fridges and freezers do not need to be emptied or turned off prior to works commencing. Please keep the door shut as much as possible to retain the internal temperature.

Do I need to be home for this work?

No. While an Endeavour Energy representative will try to make contact on the day, the works will be complete and your power restored on the day. We require access to your switchboard for testing and your point of attachment to run the new service. Please ensure animals are safely secured to prevent them from running away.