Fault and emergency

We are fixing faults or damage to the electricity network in your area

An unplanned outage has occurred following a fault, hazard or electrical emergency. Specifically, this may have been caused by high winds, lightning, heavy rain, bushfires, car accidents, trees impacting power lines or equipment failure. We understand the importance of having ongoing power supply and as a result we will undertake all work quickly and safely to restore power to your property and local area as a priority.

Pole brought down by a tree in high winds

Pole brought down by a tree in high winds


Accident impacting pole

LandslipFallenPolesLandslip resulting in fallen poles and wires

Important considerations during the outage
  • If you’re a life support customer please activate your back-up plan immediately. If you are not currently registered for life support and require power for the use of medical devices please call 131 003 to commence the registration process.
  • Once power supply is lost, automatic garage doors will not open. It is always good to know how to manually open, close and safely secure your garage door in case of a loss of power.
  • Some of the trucks used to repair electricity infrastructure are large and we may be forced to park across driveways to enable safe access to complete the work required. Talk to our crew when they arrive onsite if you need access to your vehicle, they will work with you to find a suitable time.
  • We may leave poles on site at the completion of the job as they require a special vehicle to pick them up. This can take 3-5 business days, however rest assured we will soon return to collect them.
  • In the case of adverse weather particularly during heavy rain, strong winds or lightening, our crew must wait for the worst of the weather to pass before they can safely inspect and commence repairs.
  • In rural areas, access to private property might be required for repairs, safety inspections or switching activities. Please allow our staff access - your power supply may not be interrupted but access to a pole on your property may be required to restore supply to others.
  • In rural areas loss of power often results in loss of water. If you require power for water pumps at your property please consider alternate power generation (I.e. Petrol generators) or alternate water supplies for the duration of the outage.
  • If you have biodiversity risk associated with your property please let us know by calling 131 003.
What to expect when our teams are onsite

Depending on the type of incident the response may vary.

In most cases, we dispatch an emergency crew to assess the damage and make the site safe. In some instances, the attending crew will make the site safe before a second crew is dispatched to repair the problem.

During major events, these repairs are prioritised by our Control Room. It’s important to note there may be a delay in repairs while crews respond to all sites safely.

Attending crews will have the required equipment to repair and while some repairs take a few minutes, others can take up to 24 hours or even longer after large storms, bushfires, flooding and other natural disasters.

For a small repair, you may see a single vehicle and two staff working on a ladder to repair our electricity infrastructure.

During larger repairs, you will see multiple trucks, traffic control, excavation equipment and even street closures for repairs to be conducted.

EETeamsReplacingPolesEndeavour Energy teams replacing poles brought down during a  storm

Outage Hints and Tips

Be prepared for an unplanned outage by having the following readily available:

  • a battery-operated radio to keep up to date with the latest emergency information
  • torches with spare batteries
  • a first aid kit and any medications essential to your health
  • a telephone that does not need mains power to operate
  • important personal and emergency contacts
  • an esky with ice
  • access to fresh water
  • pre-packaged food supplies in the case of a prolonged outage
  • understand how to operate any electric or automatic door (e.g. garage door) manually so you can access your car during the outage
  • save the Endeavour Energy outage map to your phone’s favourites so it can easily provide you updates
  • maintain charge in your portable devices so you still have access to the internet and telephone during an unplanned outage
  • consider purchasing an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) connected to any critical devices which may be required during an unplanned outage
  • USB power banks provide backup to charge any USB devices (phones etc) during an unplanned outage.
Questions or concerns

For further information about Endeavour Energy or outages in your area speak with our team on 131 003 or reach out using Facebook or Twitter