Meaningful engagement - Preliminary Proposal 2024 - 2029

After 12 months of in-depth community engagement, we are proud to officially publish our Preliminary Proposal for the upcoming regulatory period.

The proposal enables customers and stakeholders to have truly informed conversations with Endeavour Energy about the outcomes we are striving to achieve as the industry transforms, and what it could cost to deliver.

Over the next six months we are asking our customers and stakeholders to test and prioritise service options included in this vision through a series of deliberative forums, workshops, one on one conversations and via

The Preliminary Proposal also poses key questions that we encourage interested stakeholders to respond to.

This significant milestone has been achieved through remarkable co-design with our customer advocates.

It is the result of many hours of informed discussion and debate with our Regulatory Reference Group and feedback from some residential, small business, high energy users, council engagement with other networks and planning and business leaders who attended our State of the Network public forums.

The customer insights we obtain will help us form a Draft Proposal to be submitted to the Australian Energy Regulator in October, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Published on Apr 29th 2022