100 years of power. 100 years of people

On this day 100 years ago thousands of Wollongong residents gathered to witness Mayor Norman Smith switch on the first electric street lights on 18 November 1921.

Excited residents filled Kembla Street as it was lit with colourful festoon lights, with the promise of affordable power ready to fuel Wollongong’s industrial already on the horizon.

“This is an incredibly significant milestone for Wollongong worth recognising and celebrating,” said Endeavour Energy’s Chief Executive Officer Guy Chalkley.

“Powering Wollongong is part of the history of tens of thousands of people, many displaced by hard economic times, war and strife, who came from all over the world to help build a future and make it their home.

“What began as power to 115 people in 1921 now sees safe, reliable and affordable electricity as the lifeblood of a thriving community of more than 300,000 people with 26,000 local jobs and an $11 billion economy.

“Endeavour Energy has a rich heritage of working shoulder-to-shoulder with the community to provide an essential service in a safe, affordable and sustainable way.”

Mr Chalkley said it was important in celebrating this milestone to recognise that electricity supply was now entering one of the most exciting times in its 100-year history.

“Like the world in which we live, Endeavour Energy is constantly evolving and growing as the energy landscape changes at a rate never seen before in history.

“We are already building the network of the future to enable two-way power flows and maximise customers’ investment in solar, batteries and electric vehicles.

“The next 10 years will see more innovation in the electricity supply than the previous 100 years combined, and this change drives us forward.

“We are bringing together traditional and renewable technologies to shift to a low carbon environment while providing customers greater choice, control and participation in how their energy is supplied.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time to be working with customers and communities to co-design a brighter energy future - one that we will all help to build for the next 100 years.,” Mr Chalkley said.

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Published on Nov 18th 2021