Renewable revolution

We’re creating a flexible, reliable, climate-positive grid

Accelerating and smoothing the clean-energy grid transition

We’re leveraging emerging technologies to adapt to both the changing global climate, and the increase of renewable energy in the grid, to keep communities reliably connected. Change is an inside job too - as a business, we’re cleaning up our own carbon footprint.

We’ll be climate positive by 2040. This is what we’re doing to get there:

  • Enabling energy prosumers through grid innovation and peer-to-peer trading
  • Installing community batteries & stand-alone power systems
  • Trialling microgrids to generate and distribute energy locally
  • Developing a roadmap to decarbonise our business.

Supporting targets

  • 40% emissions reduction by 2030*
  • 100% EV fleet by 2040
  • Reduce customers’ annual outage time by more than 36%**
  • Aim to connect 590,000 solar systems and batteries by 2030***

*excluding line losses
** to under 100 minutes, from an average of 158 minutes between FY17-21
*** All emissions targets are modelled on and subject to an AEMO step change scenario.

Conserving energy and cutting carbon emissions

In an Australian first, we successfully trialled conservation voltage optimisation technology across four sites in the Illawarra and Western Sydney in 2019.

This technology achieves energy savings by using smart meter data feedback to optimise voltage, avoiding wasting energy through customers’ appliances.

Rolled out across the network, this could reduce approximately 5% of total network voltage, and, decrease total energy consumption by an estimated 3.5%.

More projects and initiatives

Innovating public transport charging

All 8,000 NSW buses will be zero emissions by 2025, so we need to future-proof the grid’s ability to power an electric fleet.

In 2021 we rolled out a smart electric bus depot in Western Sydney, in partnership with Busways, Evenergi and Transport for NSW. The depot uses real-time data to charge buses outside of peak periods and smooth the load across the network.

“It’s a smart solution that boosts the development of local skills and capabilities in zero emission technologies, to support new local jobs and a stronger, cleaner economy.”

Leanne Pickering, Chief Customer & Strategy Officer