South Erskine Park Substation

Upon commissioning, SEPZS will provide a dedicated electricity supply to the Oakdale Industrial Estate and the surrounding areas. Once commissioned, this substation will be owned, operated and maintained by Endeavour Energy.


The key features of the project involve:

  • Installing, operating and maintaining an outdoor 132/22kV switchyard with two 45MVA transformers.
  • Installing two portable buildings to house the 22kV switchboard, one portable building to accommodate protection and control equipment and one portable building to house amenities.
  • Installing substation protection, SCADA, communication and control systems.
  • Installing one new 22kV/415V 315kVA auxiliary padmount type transformer.
  • Various ancillary works.
  • Transformer enclosures and associated equipment.
  • Substation fencing and landscaping.

The need

This project will provide safe and reliable electricity to the Oakdale Industrial Estate which forms part of the broader Western Sydney Employment Area (WSEA), as identified under the NSW State Environmental Planning Policy 2009 (WSEA SEPP). The precinct spans two local government areas of Penrith City Council and Fairfield City Council and has been identified for employment generating purposes.

The $3 billion Greenfield Industrial Estate was approved by the NSW Government late 2019. The project is expected to create approximately 2000 new jobs and more than 200,000 additional jobs over the next 20 years in the Western Sydney area.

The location

The proposed SEPZS location:

South Erskine Park Location and regional context of the new SEPZS

Review of environmental factors

Endeavour Energy, as the determining authority, approved the project following a robust assessment of project criteria which has ultimately achieved the best balance of financial, technical, community and environmental considerations.

When at the planning stage, the proposed project was subject to a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) approval under Part 5 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979.

The REF included comprehensive assessments on noise, visual amenity, flora, fauna, heritage and archaeology, traffic and bushfire risk associated with the proposed works. Endeavour Energy sought community feedback on a draft REF on the proposed project. All comments received were considered and incorporated into the final REF.

Following this process, a Notice of Determination was issued which approved the construction of the zone substation subject to several construction and environmental management criteria that must be met.

Construction is expected to commence December 2020.

Community correspondence

Stakeholders and residents have been notified prior to the start of construction.

Further information

Ouerdia Kessal
Environment Specialist
Endeavour Energy