Customer case studies

The table below presents fictional customer case studies. The case studies are hypothetical and are illustrations of the potential annual energy bill savings that customers in the circumstances presented in each category could potentially achieve if they participate in the community battery trial.

The annual energy bill savings presented in each of the case studies are estimates only and are not to be taken as any guarantee or warranty that customers will achieve the same or similar level of energy bill savings by participating in the community battery trial. The actual level of energy bill savings that a customer may achieve will depend on their individual circumstances, including those identified in the case studies plus any other factors that may influence their energy usage patterns and the amount of solar energy generated by their solar system.

Customers wishing to gain a more accurate understanding of the potential energy bill savings they could achieve by participating in the community battery trial should register their interest and our retail partner, Origin Energy, will be in touch to discuss their individual circumstances.

The Customer

Household of four

Household of two

The Attributes

Solar CustomerNon-Solar

Customer Story

We are a busy family with an active lifestyle that keeps us using electricity throughout the day including at peak times.
Our large solar system has been a lifeline, delivering significant savings. We really want to get more from the excess solar our system produces.
As renters we often miss out on the benefits of solar savings that others enjoy.  We’ve heard about all this cheap solar in the system during the day.  We would love to be able to access and store some of this, tapping into it whenever we need.

Average Daily Solar Production+

4 kWh and above-

Net Annual Savings*

$140 - $270$100 - $150

+This refers to the potential output of a solar system, and not the capacity of that system.
*Export up to 4 kWh of energy daily with Origin Energy's rebate offer.

Endeavour Energy does not in any way warrant, guarantee or represent that customers will realise any particular level of energy bill savings or rebates by participating in the program.