Guaranteed Service Levels

Guaranteed Service Levels

In accordance with the Guaranteed Customer Service Standards from the Electricity Supply (General) Regulation 2001 (NSW) Endeavour Energy has an obligation to energise or re-energise a small customers premises if:

  1. the energisation or re-energisation request is made before 3:00pm on a business day, by not later than the end of the business day, or
  2. if the energisation or re-energisation request is made after 3:00pm on a business day by no later than the end of the second business day following the day the request is made.

If we fail to provide one of these services on or before the date agreed with you, we must pay $60 for each day that elapses between the agreed date and the date by which the service is provided (up to a maximum total of $300)

There may be scenarios where we will need to work with you to agree on a period longer than that specified above. If the relevant equipment is not in place to energise or re-energise (such as an electricity meter), Endeavour Energy is not required to adhere to the timeframe outlined above.

*Small customer means (a) a residential customer; or (b) a business customer who consumes energy at or below a level determined under the National Energy Retail Law.