Temporary Builders Supply

New developments can be connected to our network, or have a connection upgraded, in response to a connection of load  application. However, throughout the building process, temporary supply arrangements for the development site can be made with a temporary builder’s supply.

Background information

In providing a temporary builder’s supply, Endeavour Energy may require the developer to create all necessary easements, restrictions, rights of access, and positive covenants.

Please refer to our property tenure requirements for further details.

It’s important to note that temporary builder’s supplies are not an approved supply arrangement for continued supply of a site.

Your responsibilities

If you (as the applicant) require a temporary electricity supply where an adequate supply cannot be made available to all or part of your development by a permanent connection to our existing network, you will be expected to pay all costs associated with the establishment of the supply.

You may also be required to pay us an appropriate bond to ensure the eventual removal of all temporary assets as required if extensive temporary works to the network are required.

Additionally, it is your responsibility to create easements or negotiate any permissive occupancy required to provide a suitable right of property tenure regarding the electrical connection and ongoing operation and maintenance.

How to apply for this service

If your temporary builder’s supply is no greater than 100A single phase (230v) or 63A three phase (400V) and is located in an urban area you may use our on-line application by clicking here.

If using the on-line application permission to connect will be issued to all compliant applicants.

If your temporary builder’s supply is in a rural area, is greater than 100amps single phase (230v) or 63 amps three phase (400v) or cannot be connected to the network due to unavailability of a connection point you should apply in writing using the following form:

Application for connection of a Temporary Builders Supply

Then following an assessment of the load and conditions of supply outlined in your application, we may offer you a model standing offer for a standard connection service

Where the temporary builders supply can be approved without augmentation or extension to the network, a basic offer fee will be charged via your Level 2 ASP following connection. In cases where extension or augmentation are required a standard offer fee will also be applied.

Need to know more?

If you have any questions regarding temporary builder’s supply service, please complete an enquiry form and email it to cicadmin@endeavourenergy.com.au. Or speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives on 133 718.