Background information

The inverters that connect micro generation systems to our network have to comply with Australian Standard 4777. You can download a copy of the Standard here:

AS4777 - Grid connection of energy systems via inverters

In order to connect a small scale renewable energy micro generator, you must:

  • be an existing retail electricity customer
  • have an existing installation, such as a home which is already connected to our network

If neither is the case, you must first arrange for a retail contract by choosing a retailer of your choice and applying for a Connection of load.

How to apply for this service

Qualifying customers can apply to connect a small scale renewable energy generation system to our network by submitting an appropriate application form:

1. If you are applying for the connection of a new or upgraded micro solar generator with a total inverter capacity of no greater than 5 kW single phase, 10 kilowatts single phase (export limited to 5kW) or 30kW three phase to a premise with an existing supply of electricity from our network you may use our on-line application, by clicking here.

We allow connection of up 14kW total panels to a 10kW inverter or up to 40kW total panels to a 30kW inverter.

2. If you are applying for the connection of any other generation system other than the type described above, apply using this form:

Application for Connection of a Generator

The terms and conditions applying to connection of a micro embedded generator to our network are set out in our model standing offer for a micro embedded generator basic connection service.

All applications resulting in the connection of an upgraded or new generation will result in a basic offer fee being charged via your Retailer upon connection.

Find an installer

Endeavour Energy is not permitted to make recommendations on who should install your solar power system. You can search for approved solar installers on the Clean Energy Council’s website:

Or call the Council on (03) 9929 4100.

Register of completed embedded generation projects

From 1 December 2019, the details of your generator need to be entered into the Australian Energy Market Operator’s (AEMO) Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Register. Once your application has been approved by Endeavour Energy, your installer will be able to log onto the Register using the reference number quoted on your Permission to Connect.

Your installer has 20 business days after the connection of your generator to enter the relevant information. They should provide you a copy of the confirmation from the Register as proof that the information has been submitted.

More information regarding the Distributed Energy Resource Register can be found in AEMO’s fact sheet Information for Installers in NSW.

More information

For more information on other generator connections, please go to the connecting a small and medium size generator section. Additional information is also contained in our brochure:

Connection of a power generator system

If you have any questions regarding micro embedded generator connection services, please complete an enquiry form or speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives on 133 718.