Connections requiring infrastructure changes

In some circumstances our electrical infrastructure may need to be extended or upgraded to accommodate your additional electrical load. If this is the case, you may be required to arrange for and contribute to the costs involved.

Any work required for us to supply your load in line with the requirements of the Electricity Supply Act 1995 is deemed to be ‘contestable works’ and should be undertaken by an Accredited Service Provider - Finding an Accredited Service Provider of your choice.

If you would like to know more about our standard connection services, please download our connection policy: Endeavour Energy connection policy

You may also like to read about the application process or how we interact with you and your Accredited Service Provider during the process of arranging connection.

Types of connection

If you are arranging a new connection or upgrading an existing connection, you need to determine which one of the following connection services applies to your situation, then submit the relevant application.

Connection of load

New connections of load or upgrades in load, including basic connection services and standard connection services for connections of load.


All new developments involving Torrens title subdivisions and Community title subdivisions. For information on strata developments and other real estate developments, visit the Connection of load page.

Temporary builder's supplyTemporary supply arrangements made to allow the connection and supply of electricity for the purpose of development of a site. Please note: Temporary builder’s supplies are not an approved supply arrangement for continued supply to a site.

Micro embedded generator connection service

Connecting a micro generator via an inverter with a maximum of 30 kilowatts three phase to an installation already connected to the network.

Asset relocation and removal

Developers applying for and undertaking network augmentations, extensions and removals associated with alterations to the existing network, to meet the requirements of their development under the contestable works framework.

High voltage connection service

Specialised high voltage installations that, because of their technical complexity or size, are required to connect to the high voltage network at voltages from 11,000 volts to 132,000 volts.

Special small service (including unmetered supply)

Special small loads generally established in public places such as road reserves and installed in accordance with the requirements of the Service and Installation Rules of NSW.

Small and medium embedded generator connection service

Small and medium embedded generator connection services for small customers with generation systems less than 30 megawatts, but excluding micro generation

Embedded Generators 5MW and greater

Application process for connecting embedded generators 5MW and greater.

Embedded network connection

Specialised connection arrangements for an embedded network operator to allow connection of embedded customers in accordance with the rules of the Australian Energy Regulator.

Meeting the requirements of your development approval

Prior to being issued with a construction certificate, you may be required by your local council to obtain correspondence from us indicating that suitable arrangements for the supply of permanent electricity to your development have been completed.

Additional information

Find out how to find an Accredited Service Provider

On-line applications

  • if you are connecting or upgrading a small permanent or temporary builders load no greater than 100A single phase (230v) or 63A three phase (400v) in an urban area.
  • A solar generation system no greater than 10kW single phase (230v) or 30kW three phase (400v).

You can use our on-line applications by clicking here.

If using the on-line application a Permission to Connect will be issued immediately to all compliant applicants.

How to submit application forms

Completed and signed application forms should be returned with all attachments to:

  • Post: Endeavour Energy, PO Box 811 Seven Hills NSW 1730, or
  • Email or fax as directed on each application.

The information required for an application includes details of the type of connection that you require and details of the premises that require connecting. Please refer to the relevant application form for more information.

Expedited connections

You can request an expedited connection by signing and returning a completed application form to us. Requesting an expedited connection service means that you understand and accept the terms of the relevant connection offer. If we determine that your application is for a basic connection service or standard connection service, then an expedited connection would apply.

Technical review request

Planning for supply to large or complex developments - including master planning for major projects, subdivisions or establishment of embedded networks, asset relocations or connection of large embedded generators - often involves options analysis and consideration of longer term network development. Preliminary information regarding conditions of supply can be obtained prior to lodging a permanent application by submitting a Technical review request.

A technical review may involve a simple or complex enquiry or the provision of a detailed planning study. A corresponding ancillary charge for the provision of these services applies and can be found in our Network Price ListSummary of ancillary fees or in our Contestable Works Ancillary Fees.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about our connections services, please complete an enquiry form and submit it to Or speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives on 133 718.