Power outages

Endeavour Energy is committed to providing you with a safe and reliable power supply at all times. However for various reasons – both planned and unplanned – power for some customers can be interrupted. You can search for the latest updates on outages below.

Check power outages

For the latest information about planned or unplanned power outages in your area, as well as estimated restoration times, please download our Mobile Outage App or visit our Check for outages in your area web page or call us on 131 003.

This information should be used as a guide only as restoration times may change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Report power outages

Complete this Online form to report a problem with power supply to your home or business. We will log your report for action. Please note we always give priority to safety.

Planned outages

Your power may be interrupted to:

  • undertake upgrades or planned maintenance to the electricity network,
  • upgrade supply to existing customers or to connect new customers,
  • replace your metering equipment or service line, or
  • complete vegetation maintenance safely.


We will notify you in writing at least four business days before a planned outage. In an emergency, however, we may not be able to give you advance notice.

Unplanned Outages

High winds, lightning, storms, bushfires, car accidents, trees and branches falling onto powerlines, or equipment failure might disrupt your power without warning.

If this happens we will do all we can to restore your supply as soon as possible.

  • If you are out and about when an outage occurs stay clear of any fallen power lines, always assume they are live and phone 131 003 to report the incident
What to do during a planned outage

If you are notified of a planned outage, follow these tips to protect your personal safety and electrical equipment:

  • do not carry out electrical work within your premises during the interruption; unlicensed customers should not attempt any electrical work
  • keep your fridge and freezer closed to avoid food spoiling,
  • switch off any electronic equipment and disconnect it from the power outlet prior to the hours stated in the interruption notice (this includes items such as computers, printers, fax machines, media players, television sets and electronic timers
  • switch off three phase motors such as those used in air conditioning units and garage doors
  • if you have solar panels, check your system is restored. Not all solar inverters will switch back on automatically and
  • restock and recharge batteries.


Please be aware that if you do not take appropriate action prior to and during a planned interruption, we will not be liable for any damage, loss or inconvenience caused.

Keep us informed about loss of power

If your power goes out, it will help us to know some important information when you report the outage to 131 003:

  • are other lights and electrical equipment in your home or business working?
  • is there damage to the electricity network such as wires down or trees lying across powerlines?
  • do neighbouring properties have power?
  • have you seen or heard anything that may help us locate the source of the fault?


If any powerlines are down stay at least 8 metres away from them and call us immediately on 131 003.

Be prepared for an unplanned outage

A simple precaution you can take for unplanned outages is to have the following readily available:

  • a battery operated radio to keep up to date with the latest emergency information,
  • torches with spare batteries,
  • a First Aid kit and any medications essential to your health,
  • a telephone that does not need mains power to operate
  • important personal and emergency contacts, including Endeavour Energy's number - 131 003 and/or Outage App
  • an esky with ice on hand, and
  • access to fresh water.
Response to storms

We are committed to providing our customers with safe and reliable electricity. Strong winds, lightning, flooding and bushfires are natural events that can damage the network used to bring power to your home or business.

So when these natural events interrupt your power supply, we are ready with a plan to keep you safe and restore power as quickly as possible. If widespread interruptions occur, we follow a specific restoration process based on our experience and best practices for our industry that are tailored to the customers and communities served by our network. See how we respond to storms here